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How to integrate into Chinese Students ------seeing from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Part 1  physiological

When new students first come to school, after a series of registration procedures the first thing for them is to accommodate themselves. University canteens can almost cater to all the students taste for food. For special religious students, there are also windows for them in almost every universities. Do not forget to take enough money for first month living expense. After getting familiar to the university environment students may go outside for more.


Part 2  Safety

When it comes to the safety, students may also remember to obey the china’s laws. Do remember to get all your registration procedure done including register at police office or making residence permit. The important items shall be kept in good condition and remember some important telephone numbers of your school in case of emergency. You can also prepare some medicine of your country for further usage.


Part 3  Love/Belonging

Students may feel lonely and unfamiliar to everything they met when first come to China. You may find yourself being watched with some curious eyes on the street. but don’t worry there are no nasty intentions among them. Just feel free to talk with them or ask for something with simple English. Joining the English corner activity is a more effect way to make friends with other Chinese students.


Part 4 Esteem

Due to culture difference, there may be certain misunderstanding when foreign students getting along with others. Making things clear by asking directly or pointing out is the most effective way to clear the air. But these things are rare. When you have some problems in class you can ask the teacher after class and be active in enjoying the class. Foreign students may find it difficult and strange to Chinese style class. Do not be upset and try hard to overcome the difficulty.


Part 5 self-actualization

I believe everyone has his study plan when pursuing further study in China. Just do it and make efforts to your goal. Take this chance to try something new or challenging, this may be a sole travel to a new city, or an offbeat experience in an activity. Your life is written by yourself.


Hereby, I will recommend some apps which are popular among Chinese youngsters. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!


1. Weibo 微博

 Chinese Twitter



2. Wechat 微信

 Chinese MSN





3. Taobao 淘宝

Chinese e-bay



4. Tieba 贴吧

Chinese BBS



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