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Shandong Cuisine

by shirly on 2016-03-28 14:18:18

As a culture giant, China is not only famous for profound culture emerging during long development, but also has a good reputation for its delicious cuisine, which can also be regarded as a symbol of culture. Chinese cuisines can be mainly divided into 4 genres, namely Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine and Shandong Cuisine. Every genre of the cuisines has different and unique feature that distinguish them from the others. Today we will introduct the Shandong Cuisine.

Shandong Cuisine is also named as Lu Cai, composing an important part of four major cuisines of China as the representative of north China cuisine as well as the representative of the culinary culture along the Yellow River.


Shandong Cuisine originated in the Qi and Lu areas in Spring -Autumn and Warring States Period in ancient China, coming into being in the Qin and Han Dynasties. After Song Dynasty, Shandong Cuisine has become the representative of North China Cuisine.


Shandong Cuisine's falvors bias towards salty and emphasize the good use of the clear soup. The dises then are fresh, tender, fragrant and crisp. The cook choose raw materials very carefully. They prefer livestock and poultry, marine products and fresh vegetables. They use sauce, onion and garlic as seasoners which give the food attractive fragrance. And as a Shandong Cuisine cook, the skill to control the fire is also very important.


Shandong Cuisine can also be devided into three factions, namely Jinan Style Dishes, Jiaodong Style Dishes and Confucius Style Dishes. Jinan Style Dishes is famous for its soup and the cook there are good at frying, roasting and firing. The soup is clear, fresh and tender. The representatives include Broth Assorted, Naitang Typha, and Sweet and Sour Crap. Jiaodong Style Dishes are well-known for Fushan Dishes in Yantai, where the seafood are regarded the best. The cook there are proficient at keeping ingredient flavor and focusing on the brightness of the color. Their representative dishes include Quick-fired Huangcai, Soft-fired Meatballs with sugar and Soft-fried Pork Filet. Confucius Style Dishes emphasize the cooking techniques as Confucius once marked that eat no rice but is of the finest quality, nor meat but is finely minced. The dishes with good reputation are the Best Bean Curd, "Go to Court with Childre" and Boiled Ginkgo.

Chinese food culture, soaked with long history of China, is a rich menu with thousands of cuisines and dishes. If you come to China, never forget to try the delicacy here!

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