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Potery-Dawn of Spring

by Stella on 2016-06-02 15:13:59



In drowsy spring I slept until daybreak,


When the birds cry here and there, I awake。


Last night l heard a sound of wind and rain。


How many blossoms have fallen again?


Meng haoran

Meng haoran(689-740), whose given name is Hao and who styled himself as "Haoran " and "Mengshanren". His birthpalce is in Xiangyang city, Hubei Province. So people name him as ''Meng xiangyang''. 


He was born in the glorious age of Tang Dynasty. With the ambition to work in the government, he faced with many difficulties for his dream. Although his failure, he still dreamed in his life and lived in seclusion. During his seclusion, he wrote many famous poems. This is one of them. 

It is written at the Lushanmeng during his seclusion. In the morning of the spring, he wakes up and finds it so nice to express his wonderful feelings. It depicts a beautiful morning in the spring  with birds singing here and there, sun shining, and flowers covering the earth. It is completely different from the life in the government. 


He is the first person to write the nature potery, and his potery is very natural and geniune, moving and emotional. He is full of beauty of nature and life.  

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