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World Ocean Day

by Stella on 2016-06-07 19:40:49

World Ocean Day


Although there are many actions to prevent the ocean pollution, it is still a very crucial problem. The ocean pollution is being a threat to people's security and health, the wild animal's breed and the natural scenery in the coast regions. 


In 2009, it is officially admitted by the UN for more careful attention to the ocean we own. It reminds people that we need to cherish the bountiful values of the ocean and take action to reduce the effect of human's pollution. The theme of the day is that our ocean, our duty.


What can we do for the ocean?

As we know, the ocean offers people convenient transportation and plenty of fishes, and it also helps to get tidal power. Moreover, people can get salt and oil and many kinds of minerals from the ocean. But now, the ocean is being polluted by people. It is groaning silently. Have we ever considered what can we do for it? 



1. Do not eat the wild animal in the ocean

2. Do not throw the rubbish inthe sea.

3. Less driving for less oil

4. Rational utilization of land resources

5. Use phosphate free detergents

6. Do not pollute every stream and river


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