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A place to run away the hot wave

by Stella on 2016-06-16 10:26:20

These days, people feel the sorching summer approaching to them nearly. Except staying in the air-condition room, what can you do to run away the hot wave? There is a good place for you in Hangzhou. Let's have a look. 


West Lake lies in the west of Hangzhou, and it is the main freshwater lake for visiting. And it is the first top scenery spot in China. It is divided by many dykes into small lakes.  And it is listed in the world heritage in 2011. 

Its structure composes of one mountain, two towers, three islands and four dykes. One mountain refers to Gu mountain. Its altitude is 35 meters and area 0.22 km square. Two towers are Leifeng tower and Baochu tower. Three islands are Santanyinyue, huxinting and ruangongdun. Three dykes are Bai dyke, Su dyke and Yanggong dyke. And there is a famous folktale happening at the Bai dyke. Most chinese people are familiar with it. It is about Miss Bai suzhen and Mr. Xu xian.  It is said that they met on the Bai dyke and fell in love with each other. 




When the hot summer comes, you can invite your friends to visit in West Lake, walking under the tree to enjoy the cool of the nature. 


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