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The Father's Day

by Stella on 2016-06-17 11:33:21

The day after tomorrow is the Father's Day. When talks to the father, what will represent  in your mind? There is someone to be a big toy with no changing batteries but always playing with you in your childhood. That is our father.  


This day orgins in the early 20th century in America. In 1909, one woman called Bruce Dodd suddenly came up an idea when she celebrated the Mother's Day. She thought there should be a day for father. Because she and her five brothers were brought up by their father with their mother passing away earlier. So she was encouraged to write a sincere letter to the government for this day. And in 1972, this day was set up in the form of law and celebrated until now. 


People all over the world celebrate this day in different ways. 

Giving flowers

Dendrobium: character of strong and peaceful amiable, the representative of Father's Day, the meaning is popularity, blessings, purity and happiness. 


Rose: red or white is admitted by people, and some are yellow, for this color is for man. 


Sunflower: it symbolizes that father is like the great sun. The meaning is the deep love. 


Yellow carnation: it represents the love of kindness, sincereness and never fading. 


Writing a long letter 


Buying some daily necessities


Eating together 


What will you do for your father? Or what is most touched you by your father? You can make comments and share with us. 

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