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Three Suggestions for New Graduates

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It will see 7.6 millions of new graduates this year in China. They finished the academic career, hopefully with a well-deserved degree; congratulations! Most of them have been searching for their first job in the past 6 months and this month would be their last campus time before jumping into the complex society. As we all know, they will conquer many challenges in the process of transforming into the trend of jobs, for no body will regard you be a student but a worker to finish your task in the limited time effectively. It needs all the students to strengthen the awareness of persistence and patience to adapt ot the society. Here we summon some suggestions and hope they could do great benefits to students.

Gillian: 1.But do not make the mistake - made so often by your peers in the past! - of thinking that the easy and carefree life is about to begin. Far from it: from now on you will have to submit to the regime of a stern boss who gives you instructions and orders you must never ignore. Your teachers were softies you could play hardball with and win - your employers will play whatever they choose to lay with you, and you will always have to obey and deliver. That is my first advice!

             2.Second advice: Don't develop a tunnel vision towards MONEY! Be willing to GIVE before you TAKE. Your first job may not pay handsomely; you need to prove to your employer that you are worth the investment he or she has made by hiring you! Show some loyalty and stay; perhaps you can rise in the company's hierarchy!

             3.Third advice: You have not learnt a lot, contrary to your illusion! Life is full of surprises and new developments! Never forget that in the West you are told to learn all your life, and if you do not upgrade your slowly ageing knowledge and skills you will soon be too old to be hired for a new position. Continue to learn, to study -but do not memorise things without an intrinsic interest in them.


Jim: 1.Do not expect top wages just because you have a degree but no experience.

       2.When you go for an interview put on smart clean clothes, comb your hair and clean your fingernails.

       3.Expect to start at the bottom and to have to get to the top through hard work.


Mary:'s a start instead of a end
          2.keep your eyes and mind open
          3.improve your overall abilities


Jane: 1.Stop playing PlayStation

          2.Get of the couch

          3.That bright thing outside is called the sun

At last, my advice: 1. Be
                              2. Your
                              3. Self

Many of our suggestions here may do beneficial help to new graduates. If you could share three suggestions or "must and must not" to the newbies, what would you like to give?



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