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Chinese author Feng Jicai's works published in Russia's cultural capital


Chinese author Feng Jicai was honored Wednesday in Russia's cultural capital St. Petersburg with the publication of a bilingual edition of his works. Feng, a well-known writer, artist and calligrapher, was on hand for the launch at St. Petersburg State University. The event was also attended by over 100 local sinologists and members of the Chinese community in St. Petersburg. In his speech at ...

Controversial statues across China


Art appreciation is personal thing. It's not uncommon for an artwork to stir different responses, especially when nude sculptures are placed at public areas. The following are some statues that sparked controversy across China.

British Museum to stage major Ming Dynasty exhibition


London's most well-known cultural institutions have come together in a new initiative to promote the UK capital's autumn season. And one of the highlights among a collection of blockbuster exhibitions and events is a major exhibition covering China's Ming dynasty at the British Museum. In September, the exhibition titled "Ming: 50 years that changed China", will display some of the finest obje...

Three Famous Things of Ansai - Ansai paper cutting


Ansai waist drum, paper cutting, and farmer drawing are known as the Three Famous Things of Ansai. Ansai county has become a cultural county in China due to these cultural elements. In 2006, Ansai paper cutting was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritages with the approval of the State Council. Ansai paper cutting, with attractive appearance and exquisite craftsmanship...

Peking Opera staged to commemorate 120th anniversary of Mei Lanfang


Dou Xiaoxuan from the Beijing Peking Opera Theater teaches basic Peking Opera moves during a promotional tour in Times Square, New York, on Tuesday. The theater troupe is on a visit to the United States to commemorate legendary performer Mei Lanfang. Known as the most outstanding Peking Opera performer of all time, Mei Lanfang (1894 -1961) is being remembered this week with presentations in Ne...

‘The Chinese Dream-365 Stories’ aired overseas


The one-hundred-episode TV series "The Chinese Dream-365 Stories" is being aired in the United Kingdom from July 28th, 2014 on Propeller TV channel. The first 50 episodes are ready now and the following 50 will be ready by the end of the year. Twenty-three million TV viewers from 45 countries and regions in Europe will be able to watch the interesting stories of China. "The Chinese Dream-365 ...

Volti exhibition underway in Beijing


Chinese musical Jane Eyre to hit ROK theaters


The Chinese-language musical Jane Eyre, which is produced by the Hangzhou Theater, will tour the Republic of Korea (ROK) in August after its domestic run. The musical, based on Charlotte Bronte's classical novel, includes a well-received twist in which the character of the author herself appears as pen pal and confidante of the female protagonist and warns her to stay away from men and marriage...

Chinese Quintessence


Pottery Pottery may be the oldest artwork of human beings. Over the course of thousands of years, pottery became dominant wares in people’s daily life: used to cook, to store things, and to hold cuisine or waters as dishes. As time passed, the technique became more and more consummate. Different kinds of pottery appeared in different times and regions. The Terra Cotta Warriors, discover...

DPRK Paintings Displayed in Hangzhou


Paintings by contemporary artists from North Korea have become the highlight of the spring exhibition of the 17th West Lake Art Fair in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, May 22, 2014. The exhibition of selected works by DPRK artists features nearly 200 items. All the 35 artists were chosen by the General Office of the DPRK National Exhibition. The DPRK paintings present real...

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