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Mount Lushan

Mount Lushan lies south of Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province, with an area of approximately 300 sq m. Greater Hanyang Peak, the summit, soars 1,474 m above sea level.

Mount Lushan is famous for its imposing and graceful peaks, ever-changing "sea of clouds," springs and waterfalls, and historical sites. During the reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Mount Lushan became one of China's Buddhist centers, noted for three famous monasteries (the West Forest, East Forest and Large Forest monasteries), and five forests (the Haihui, Xiufeng, Wanshan, Qixian and Guizong forests).

The major scenic spots include the Five Elders Peak, Three-layer Spring, Hanpo Mouth, Large Heavenly Pond, Small Heavenly Pond, Flowery Path, Cave of the Immortals and White Deer Cave Academy. In 1996, the Lushan Scenic Area was put on the list of the world's cultural and natural heritage by the UNESCO.