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Mount Lushan

2008/10/15 9:06:00

Mount Lushan lies south of Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province, with an area of approximately 300 sq m. Greater Hanyang Peak, the summit, soars 1,474 m above sea level. Mount Lushan is famous for its imposing and graceful peaks, ever-changing "sea of clouds," springs and waterfalls, and historical sites. During the reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Mount Lushan became one of Ch...

Quanzhou-"World Museum of Religions"

2008/10/15 9:08:00

Quanzhou, situated on the southeastern coast of Fujian Province, was an important harbor on the "Maritime Silk Road." In history, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Taoism were disseminated here. Therefore, Quanzhou is called the "world museum of religions." Major religious sites include the Statue of Immortality of the Clear Source Mountain, the Kaiyuan Monastery, the Pure and Clean Mosque, and ...

Mount Hengshan


Mount Hengshan, near Hengyang City in Hunan Province, has 72 lofty peaks and winds for 400 km through seven counties and cities. The summit, Zhurong Peak, is 1,290 m. above sea level. Mount Hengshan is famous for its scenery and places of historic interest, such as the Seven Ancestors Daochang (place where Taoist rites are performed), and the Zhuling Holy Spot. Many celebrities and scholars, suc...

Mount Wudang

2008/10/15 9:11:00

Mount Wudang, located near Danjiangkou City in the northwest of Hubei Province, is one of China's state-level scenic spots. With 72 peaks standing in an area of over 30 sq km, it has dangerously steep cliffs and valleys, and beautiful views. The Heavenly Pillar Peak, its major peak, is 1,612 m. above sea level. The whole mountain route stretches for 60 km. Sacred to Taoism, Mount Wudang has 36...

Shaolin Monastery

2008/10/15 9:13:00

The Shaolin Monastery lies below Wuru Peak at the northern foot of Shaoshi Hill of Mount Songshan in Henan Province. It was built in the 19th year (495) of the Taihe reign period of the Northern Wei Dynasty. The monastery is where the Chan (Zen) sect of Chinese Buddhism originated. The monks of the monastery rendered outstanding service in helping Emperor Taizong to found the Tang Dynasty, and...

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