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CICC: Eager to plan for Year of Italy in China
By admin on 2014-12-02

BEIJING, Jan.19 -- The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) will spare no effort to secure the success of the Year of Italy in China 2006 - a symbol of mature relations between Italy and China and an occasion to be enjoyed by the people from both nations.


Launch ceremony for "Head over Heels - Italy Special Issue" published by Youth Vision Magazine, is held in Beijing at the Italian Embassy in China on November 11, 2005. From right to left: H.E. Gabriele Menegatti, ambassador of Italy to China; Erica De Stales, secretary-general of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce; and Davide Cucino, chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.(Photo:China Daily)

The CICC is a private, voluntary, non-profit organization registered in 1991, based in Beijing, with local chapters, in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The main role of CICC is to service its members - a network of over 400 enterprises and individuals - as well as actively promoting opportunities aimed at furthering business exchanges between the two countries.

    Given this, the CICC has been invited to sit on the promoting committee of the Year of Italy in China and, according to its Chairman Davide Cucino, it will play a crucial role in organizing activities with a distinct economic and commercial flavour under the umbrella of the festival Art in Life.

    As a landmark event initiated by the CICC in 2004, the festival has been regularly held in June and July every year, and since its inception it has endeavoured to increase awareness of the "Made in Italy" brand and the enterprises behind it.

    Unfolding throughout the whole Year of Italy in China, Art in Life will naturally complement the rich and interesting cultural calendar and will promote events in the food-and-wine, tourism, luxury goods, architecture and design, high technology and instrumental goods sectors, says Cucino.

    Among the activities already scheduled by the CICC, the seminar Cities of Creative People, in co-operation with Ambrosetti, will investigate the critical factors that cities must possess in order to attract talented and creative individuals in the globalization era (March 2006).
The gala dinner Italy on the Stage, centred on the theme of transition from craftsmanship-based to industrial-based modes of production, will highlight the evolution of the "Made in Italy" products through innovation and creativity (June 2006).

    On occasion of the China International Decorating Art Fair, the CICC will co-ordinate the construction of a model home, expressing at the highest possible level Italian aesthetic and functional values in interior decoration (September 2006).

    The installation "Plastic Desire" by Sturm und Plastic will celebrate the versatility of plastic as a combination of art, design, technological research, applied creativity and environmental consciousness (October 2006).

    In the Autumn, the CICC will present the results of a study jointly conducted by the University of Architecture of Venezia and the Tongji University of Shanghai in respect of humanization and upgrading of urban areas.

    During 2006, the nurturing of entrepreneurial spirit will be strongly pursued: the CICC will organize delegations of the small and medium enterprises (SME) to China within the framework of the agreement signed by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Unioncamere; it will promote business delegations in co-operation with the CICC long-standing partners, composed by the Chambers of Commerce of the main Italian industrial areas; it will also launch an analysis of female entrepreneurship in Italy and Southern China.

    Cucino affirms that the CICC will constantly seek and encourage the involvement of Italian businesses, in particular CICC members, which will undoubtedly prove to be a driving force in contributing ideas and projects to the Year of Italy in China.

    Updates on CICC activities during 2006 will be equally available on the official website of the Year of Italy in China ( as well as on the CICC's own website(

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