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China, Norway willing to expand cooperation
By admin on 2014-12-02

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held talks with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in Oslo on Monday, with both sides expressing their common will to expand cooperation in various fields.

Stoltenberg appraised the current bilateral relations, saying the rapid growth of the Chinese economy was improving people's living standards in China and offered greater opportunities for the two countries to deepen cooperation.

He hoped the two countries could begin cooperation in the energy sector, as well as in the worldwide anti-poverty campaign and in efforts to improve healthcare.

Li also affirmed the solid development of two countries' ties, citing fruitful exchanges and cooperation in the political, commercial, cultural, educational, sci-tech, and polar region research fields.

He said the Chinese government attaches great importance to the Sino-Norwegian relationship and hopes to learn from Norway's successful experience in its concerted social and economic development.

In a separate meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, Li proposed that the two sides increase exchanges at governmental level as well as in social circles. He also called for an expansion in cooperation in fishery and shipbuilding.

In the cultural field, Li said the Chinese side will actively cooperate with Norway to facilitate the activities of "Ibsen Year", due to be held in China.

Stoere, on his part, reiterated the Norwegian government's adherence to the one-China principle.

While talking about the attack on the Norwegian embassy in Damascus, Li said different religions and cultures should respect one another and coexist peacefully while the safety of diplomatic missions should be ensured in accordance with international law. He urged restraint of relevant sides to avoid new violence.

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