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Less restrictions on cross-straits chartered flights called for
By admin on 2014-12-02

Xinhua News Agency published a commentary on chartered passenger flights across the Taiwan Straits during the Spring Festival, asking when the restrictions on the chartered flights will be lifted.

The chartered flights have been operated three times, in 2003, 2005 and 2006, respectively, with restrictions on the timing, the identity of passengers, the routes, and the number of flights.

In recent years, under the proposal of the mainland side and the pressure from Taiwan people, the Taiwan Authorities have agreed to allow chartered flights across the straits, but only during the Chinese Lunar New Year, only for passengers of Taiwan, making a detour by Hong Kong or Macao, and with limit on the number of flights.

The commentary said these restrictions have been inconvenient for Taiwan people and brought about huge amount of financial losses. 

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