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Scholarship in Jiangsu Province!!!
By moma on 2018-07-06



Majors and Numbers of students

1. Majors: Financial Administration, Business and Commerce Administration, Tourism Management, Electrical Automatization;, Computer Application Technology, Pharmacy Quality and Safety.

2. Total: 50 students

Admission Notice and Requirements

Non-Chinese citizens, having completed senior high school or vocational high school education, good personality and in good health. Other requirements are as follows:

1. Preparing the ability to speak a foreign language, and preferably if they have basic Chinese ability or English ability. The students should be interested in learning basic knowledge of Chinese society, culture, and economy.


2. Being capable to afford their living and transportation expenses in China.

3. Health certificate.

4. Under the age of 30.

Study Duration and Program Arrangement

1. Study Duration

Receiving the Diploma of Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance & Economics in bilingual version after achieving all the needed credits and finishing the graduation thesis. Attend Chinese language and culture classes for the first year, and enter the enrolled majors to receive professional and practical lessons for the second and third years.

2. Register Duration: September 15th, 2018


1. Tuition Fee: RMB 11,000 yuan per year (Paid by Scholarship)

2. Dormitory Fee: RMB 2,000 yuan per year (Paid by Scholarship, double room, equipped with bathroom facilities, shower, internet, Television, etc)

3. Physical Examination: RMB 300 yuan

4. Text Books: RMB 800 yuan per year

5. Resident Permit: RMB 400 yuan per year

6. Insurance Premium: RMB 800 yuan per year

7. Meals Expenses: Cook by oneself or have dinners in college canteens, about RMB 600 yuan per month

8. About Scholarships:

Students should apply for scholarships every year if they need. If they do not perform well according to the college rules, or do not pass the final exams, they will not obtain full scholarships.

2. Documents Application

Documents needed when applying for Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance & Economics: scanned copy of passport, senior high school graduation certificate or confirmation letter, and application form. All the documents needed must be e-mailed to AN LIJIE.

Those who are admitted to our college, are sent Letter of Admission in English and Chinese, and 202 visa form. The college will organize a physical examination and the qualified person will be eligible for admission.

Major List Schools


Finance School

Financial Administration

Business and Commerce Administration School

Business and Commerce Administration;

Tourism Management

Mechanical Electronics and Information Engineering School

Electrical Automatization;

Computer Application Technology

Food and Pharmacy Engineering School

Pharmacy Quality and Safety


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