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Personnel trainning for international students department
By admin on 2015-06-19

The Ministry of education in 2015 "international peace" abroad before the training will be held at the Zhengzhou University


To strengthen the study abroad personnel training before leaving work, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the workers in the study, sponsored by the 

international exchange and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of education to study service center contractors, assisted by the Education 

Department of Henan Province, Zhengzhou University and 2015, the Ministry of education in peace abroad abroad study abroad trip training will be held in Zhengzhou University 

from May 25 to 26.Consular protection center of Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of public security of Beijing Dewei education company, Ministry of education study abroad 

service center of the leaders and experts, Graduate School of Zhengzhou University, international cooperation and exchange, departments responsible comrades attended the 

opening ceremony. The province of the national public school teachers, the public school students and the students at their own expense, a total of more than 500 people 

participated in the training.In a period of two days of training, the experts from the consular protection, overseas situation, study safety precautions and emergency ability training, 

the learning life counseling, policies and regulations, study abroad service, according to the situation of country classification experience sharing and other aspects of the wonderful

lectures. The training will be consistent with the participants, we have said that the training of personnel to be abroad has a positive meaning.

It is reported that since 2008, Zhengzhou University to join the national public school project, there are more than 450 graduated students to obtain funding from the national scholarship fund, to go to foreign countries to study. Part of the outstanding students returning Xuecheng has been added to school teachers, for domestic and foreign academic and research exchanges and cooperation to build a communication platform, has made the contribution for the school construction of high level university.


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