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Xiamen University offers more generous scholarships for international students
By admin on 2015-06-26

Xiamen University has been promoting its internationalization of education. The number of international students has been on the steady rise in the past years. According to the statistics of China International 

Student Information System, Xiamen University had 3607 foreign students from 130 countries, pursuing degrees or short-term programs in 2014. In order to encourage more foreign students to study in the 

university, Xiamen University has started a generous scholarship program for 2015.

Xiamen University does not only offer Chinese Ph. D, MA and BA programs for foreign students, but also English MA and BA programs. For example, it offers undergraduate programs in Economics 

and Clinical Medicine and also two-year-long postgraduate programs covering 16 disciplines respectively in College of Humanities, School of Law, Faculty of International Relations, the Wang Yanan Institute 

for Studies in Economics, School of Management, Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies, Coastal and Ocean Management Institute, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Information 

Science and Engineering, etc..

The scholarship for international students was set up in 2006. Xiamen University has raised more funds from national, provincial, and local governments in the past 9 years. In 2015, available scholarships

include China Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) Scholarship, Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students, and Xiamen University Scholarship. The 

students who are accepted into the programs can enjoy free tuition and generous subsidy for living, accommodation, medical care and medical insurance. The period of application is from January to April,

 2015. Applicants can find this link  for more detailed information.

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