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Excellent Project in Jiangsu Province with Diverse Courses
By sally on 2019-04-18


Tuition fee:

Bachelor   program students: 11,250 CNY (English) per academic   year

 Master   program students: 20,000 CNY per academic year

Doctorate   program students: 25,000 CNY per academic year

Accommodation Fee:

4,600-6000 CNY per academic year (NOT including water and electricity bills)

Application Fee: 400 CNY


Majors:All in English

Bachelor: 4 years

Computer Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering and   Automation, Energy and Power Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and   Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Bachelor of Business   Administration (BBA), Material Formation and   Control Engineering, English Literature, Applied Chemistry.


Master: 2 years

Computer Science and   Technology, Information Communication   Engineering, Control Science and   Engineering, Marine Engineering, Heating and Ventilation, Power Engineering and   Engineering Thermo physics, Power Engineering, Design and Manufacture of   Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure, Master of Business Administration   (MBA), Linguistics and Applied Linguistics   in Foreign Language, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering   and Technology, Material Science and Engineering, Special Economic Animal Rearing, Biology, Physical Electronics.


Doctor: 3 years

Special Economic Animal Rearing, Doctor of Business   Administration (DBA), Material Science and   Engineering, Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean   Structure, Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean   Structure(Discipline: Marine Engineering).


Application Materials:

5.1 Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

5.2 English or Chinese proficiency certificate.

5.3 Photocopy of passport (valid, general passport) and a photo of the size used for passport.

5.4 For undergraduate applicants, education level diploma, original or notarized copy (in English or Chinese); for applicants who are still fresh graduates, certificate of expected graduation should be provided.

5.5 For graduate applicants, the following academic materials are required: an original or notarized copy (in English or Chinese) of undergraduate transcriptand Bachelor Degree Certificate, two recommendation letters (in Chinese or English) from different referees at least titled as associate professor (or other equivalent titles).

5.6 For doctorate program applicants, the necessary academic materials are: an original or notarized copy (in English or Chinese) of graduate transcriptand Master Degree Certificate, two recommendation letters from two different professors, Published papers and research proposal for doctorate study in China.

5.6 Self-financed international students should name a trustee in China and provide a financial guarantee (International Students, if not supported by Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship, are recognized as self-financed full time graduate students).


Duration of Application:

March 12, 2019 to June 20 2019.


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