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English-taught Master Program Lists for Mechanical Engineering Major
By shirly on 2019-04-19

1.     Location: Mianyang, Sichuan



The school offers a master’s degree program in primary disciplines of Manufacture Engineering, which is projected for Doctor’s Degree Program in the coming years and Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation has been granted the title of Sichuan Provincial Key Discipline. With a faculty of more than 100 members, the school has over 90 full-time teachers including 20 doctors and 40 masters, over 20 of which are professors and another 50 more of which are associate professors, including 5 returned overseas professors and 30 master candidate supervisors. In recent years, the school has obtained three national invention patents, and 13 new technology patents. Besides, 140 papers have been included in SCI, EI AND ISTP. What’s more, the School has won two provincial scientific and technological progress awards.


Courses and Duration---

Duration: 2 year

Courses: Engineering Research Methodology; Theoretical Mechanics ; Numerical Simulation and Practice; Simulation and Practice of Dynamical System; Fundamental Applied Mechanics


Fee Structure----

Application fee: RMB 400

Tuition: RMB 25,000

Hostel fee: RMB 40/Day, Single room

 2.     Location: Xi’an, Shaanxi



As a public multidisciplinary key university inChina, the university, founded in 1958, has been devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research on science, engineering and innovation with strong partnerships with industry. Focusing on engineering practice shapes students into the professionals required by today's enterprises and market. The university greets people from all over the world to visit Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, one of the world’s renowned historical capitals, with many places of interest such as Xi’an City Wall which is the most complete ancient city wall survived in China; Terracotta Warriors, one of the eight wonders of the world; and Qinling Mountains, a major east-west mountain range.

Located in Xi’an city, the center part ofChina, the campus is 10 minutes drive from the international airport, providing the most flexible transportation for local, national or international journey.


Fee Structure---

Application fee: RMB 400

Tuition: RMB 20,000

Hostel fee:

RMB 15,000/Year, Single Room

RMB 10,000/Year, Double Room

RMB 5,000/Year, Quad Room


3.     Location: Tianjin


Program Description---

The Master Program in Mechanical Engineering is offered based on the three major first-level disciplines (Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanics) in the School  of Mechanical Engineering of the university. It includes three options: 1) Energy and Power Option: To develop scientific and humanistic quality and professional competence, and to prepare students to master the professional knowledge in mechanical design, power engineering, power machinery, environmental engineering and other related areas, to know internal combustion engine, fuel cell, solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other energy technologies, and to have strategic vision in sustainable energy development. 2) Mechanical Design Option: To develop scientific and professional competence, and to prepare students to master the professional knowledge in mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, mechatronics engineering and other related areas, and to know the technologies and management skills in design and manufacturing of machinery and equipment, detection and control, use and maintenance and other related areas. 3) Mechanics Option: To develop scientific and humanistic quality and professional competence, and to prepare students to master the professional knowledge in mechanics, mathematics, experiment and other related areas, to be able to solve theoretical and practical problems involving mechanics independently, and to have the fundamental knowledge required in research, development and management.


General Degree Courses----



Major-related Degree Courses---

Energy and Power: Advanced Combustion; Advanced Thermodynamics; Advanced Heat Transfer; Renewable Energy Technology; Advanced Theories and Technologies of Internal Combustion Engines


Mechanical Design: Advanced Dynamics; Advanced Manufacturing Technology; Human-Machine Interaction; Mechatronic Systems


Mechanics: Advanced Experimental Mechanics; Advanced Solid Mechanics; Linear Vibration; Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics; Continuum Mechanics


Fee Structure---

Application fee: RMB 420

Tuition: RMB 30,000 RMB/year

Hostel fee: RMB 60/Day, Single Room


4.     Location: Nanjing,  Jiangsu


Brief Introduction---

As the first-level discipline of the university for the mechanical engineering, the key research directions are advanced manufacturing system theory and technology, control, testing, diagnosis and maintenance technology of manufacturing system, virtual manufacturing and networked manufacturing, computer aided technologies, advanced processing technology and equipment, mechanical and electrical system theory and technology, intelligent detection and control technology, micro electro-mechanical systems, smart and intelligent of mechanical and electrical system, modern mechanical design theory and method, intelligent mechanical and bionic technology, robot technology and application engineering, vehicle modern design theory and method, vehicle electronic control and integration technology of mechanical, electrical and liquid, vehicle safety, energy saving and green technology, simulation, design and optimization technology of vehicle power equipment, and so on. The educational system of full-time master candidates is given priority to two years flexible length within 5 years. The total credits are equal to or above 26.


Major Courses---

Required Courses: Chinese; Matrix Analysis and Computation; Advanced Dynamics; Elastoplastity and Its Application; Theory and Application of Finite Element Method


Selective Courses: Basis of Machinery System Analysis; Modern Fuse System Analysis and Application; Modern Sensing and Detection; Guidance and Control Technology; Basis of Machinery System Information and Digital Technology; Automation Technology of Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering Application; The Theory and Technology of Modern Machine Processing; Industrial Automation of Pneumatic Control Technology; Modern Theory and Methods of Mechincal Design; Modern Theory and Methods of Manufacturing


Fee Structure---

Application fee: RMB 500

Tuition: RMB 36,000/Year

Hostel fee: RMB 9,000/Year, Double Room

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