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Very Nice College Programs, What are You Waiting for?
By shirly on 2020-11-06

Location:Yulin, Shaanxi Province 

Chinese Language Program:

Tuition fee: 5,000 RMB/Year(after scholarship)

Accommodation fee: 3,600/Y double room


Degree students: Chinese taught

Bachelor: tourism management, accounting, soil and water conservation combating. Animal science, computer science,

Scholarship: Basic Scholarship for every students : 50% of the Tuition;

First-Class Scholarship for the academic top 5% students: RMB 3,000/year;

Second-Class Scholarship for the academic top 10% students: RMB 2,000/year;

Third-Class Scholarship for the academic top 15% students: RMB 1,000/year;

Scholarships for HSK: HSK-Level 4: RMB600HSK-Level 5RMB800, HSK-Level 6: RMB1000.


Master: soil and water conservation and desertification combating. Animal science, chemicals engineers

Scholarship: tuition free; 1000/month with stipend


Application materials:

1. Photocopy of Passport

2. Application Form

3. Highest Graduation Certificate and Transcript

4. Non-criminal Certificate

5. Certificate of Health Examination

6. Bank Statement

7. HSK certificate

If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


Tel: 0086-15857187587

 Whatsapp: 8615068158042

Facebook: Shirly Guo

Twitter: Shilry81054676

Instagram: guo.shirly

Wechat: CUECC2

skype: teachcn


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