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By shirly on 2021-03-12


As many foreign students ask when China will be allowed to enter, I would like to tell you two important things.

First, the epidemic situation in China is under control very well.China is also very safe. The border will be opened soon, but we have to wait for the specific date. Well, don’t worry, it will not affect students' application for Universities, so please rest assured to apply for Universities. Second, more and more foreign students choose to study in China. With the development and growth of China, the threshold of studying in China is higher and higher. For the students who apply for Chinese universities, although they have more and more opportunities, they are more and more difficult, and the number of university places is not much, so if you want to study in China, please apply as soon as possible.


Here are some school information you can apply for.

1. Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province


Free hostel and tuition



Bachelor degree:

Food Science and Engineering; Bioengineering; Textile Engineering; Computer Science and Technology; Industrial Design; Business Administration; Nursing;


Master degree: (3 years)

Food Science and Engineering; Fermentation Engineering; Microbiology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Sugar Engineering; Textile Engineering; Computer Science and Technology; Control Science and Technology; Electrical Engineering; Design; Pharmacy; Public Health and Preventive Medicine; Nursing;


Doctoral degree: (4 years)

Food Science and Engineering; Fermentation Engineering; Sugar Engineering; Textile Science and Engineering; Control Science and Technology; Design; Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology; Chemical Engineering and Technology


2. Location: Tianjin


1st year, 50% or 100% tuition fee

          from the second year, up to annual performance

Majors:English-taught Bachelor Programs

civil engineering

Construction Management


Normal Fees:

tuition 19000rmb/year

hostel 600rmb/month


3. Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang


First class: free tuition, free hostel

Second class: Free tuition

Third class: 50% of the tuition waiver

Fousth class30% of the tuition waiver



Bachelor degree--- architecture; chemical engineering; civil engineering (english taught)

             ---Chinese language and literature(Chinese taught)---doesn’t require hsk certificate


4. Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province


Bachelor degree: Free tuition and hostel

Master’s degree: Free tuition and hostel, with monthly allowance 1,500 CNY(10 months per year)

Doctoral degree: Free tuition and hostel, with monthly allowance 2,500 CNY(10 months per year)



Bachelor degree(4 years):

Electronic Information Science & Technology; Microelectronics Science & Engineering; Polymer Materials; Machine Design and Manufacturing & Automation; Software Engineering; Civil Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Animal Science; Biotechnology; International Business; Tourism Management  


Master degree: (3 years)

Physics; Optical Engineering; Internal Medicine; Paediatrics; Neurology; Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine; Clinical Diagnostics; Surgery; Gynaecology; Oncology;


Doctoral degree: (4 years)



5. Location: Jiangsu Province


Provincial Scholarship:

Jasmine Scholarship: 30,000-50,000 CNY

Jasmine TSP Program: 10,000+Full Scholarship

University Scholarship:

Scholarship for   Bachelor: 7,000 CNY /Y +Accommodation Fee

              Master: 29,000 CNY/Y +Accommodation Fee

              Doctor: 37,000 CNY/Y+Accommodation Fee

Tuition fee:

Bachelor   program students: 11,250 CNY (English) per academic   year

 Master   program students: 20,000 CNY per academic year

Doctorate   program students: 25,000 CNY per academic year

Accommodation Fee:

4,600-6000 CNY per academic year (NOT including water and electricity bills)


Majors:All in English

Bachelor: 4 years

Computer Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering and   Automation, Energy and Power Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and   Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Bachelor of Business   Administration (BBA), Material Formation and   Control Engineering, English Literature, Applied Chemistry.


Master: 2 years

Computer Science and   Technology, Information Communication   Engineering, Control Science and   Engineering, Marine Engineering, Heating and Ventilation, Power Engineering and   Engineering Thermo physics, Power Engineering, Design and Manufacture of   Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure, Master of Business Administration   (MBA), Linguistics and Applied Linguistics   in Foreign Language, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering   and Technology, Material Science and Engineering, Special Economic Animal Rearing, Biology, Physical Electronics.


Doctor: 3 years

Special Economic Animal Rearing, Doctor of Business   Administration (DBA), Material Science and   Engineering, Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean   Structure, Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean   Structure(Discipline: Marine Engineering).

If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


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