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By shirly on 2021-05-21

1. Location: Zhejiang Province


2. Majors: (English taught)

Bachelor: Environmental Science and Engineering, Resources and Environment,Curriculum of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Transportation, Biotechnology, Financial Management, Business Administration, International Economics & Trade, Electronic and Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

Master: Environmental Science and Engineering, Resources and Environment, Master of Public Administration, Master of Social Work, Mechanical  Engineering, Chemistry, Ecology, Biology, Comparative Education, Master of Business Administration(MBA), Optical Engineering, Electronic and Informationsoftware engineering, Physics,  

PhD: Early Childhood Education, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Comparative Education, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Technology.


3. Fees Structure


Chinese   Language Program(Non-degree)                

7,400   RMB per semester (including insurance)                

Undergraduate   Programs                

18,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Master   Programs (taught in Chinese)                

22,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Master   Programs (taught in English)                

24,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Master   of Business Administration (IMBA)                

26,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Doctoral   Programs (taught in Chinese)                

25,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Doctoral   Programs (taught in English)                

27,800   RMB per year (including insurance)                

Book Fee                

ABOUT   800 RMB per year                


ABOUT   15 RMB per day per person (Double Room)                

Visa Cost                

ABOUT   800 RMB per year                

Physical Exam                

ABOUT   400 RMB per year                

Living Expenses                

ABOUT   10,000 RMB per year                



4. Values of Scholarship

a. Class A Scholarship:

The Class A Scholarship sponsors students at a rate of 30,000 RMB/person/year.

b. Class B Scholarship:

The Class B Scholarship sponsors students at a rate of 20,000 RMB/person/year.


5. Application documents

a. Photocopy of the passport photo page.

b. Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English

c. Notarized highest education diplomas attained, proof of study and transcripts

d. Studying plans and goals.

e. Two letters of recommendation from your teachers  

f. Application fee

g. Non-criminal record

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