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Full Scholarship List
By shirly on 2021-05-27


Location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Bachelor majors: (Chinese taught)

1. Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

2. Marketing

3. Tourism Management

After Scholarship:

Tuition: 3000RMB/year

Hostel fee: 5000RMB/year


1. Chinese teaching, it requires HSK4 (210 or above)

2. If you don’t have HSK4, you can learn one year Chinese language, free tuition. However, you need to pay 5000RMB deposit. After one year, the school can gradually return the 5000RMB tuition fee to you.

Online Course

Online Chinese Language Program

After Scholarship:

Tuition: 3000RMB/semester

Book fee: free


  1.  At the end of the semester, the university will issue certificate of completion and language certificate. 

  2. International students in China can also apply now, but can not apply for a visa.

Location: Zhejiang Province

Programs: click on this link

for bachelor, master and PhD

Scholarship: free tuition, and free partial hostel fee

Application deadline: 15th, June

Location: Jiangsu Province

Scholarship policy: 

1. Undergraduate Scholarship (partial majors can apply)

Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. All applicants shall pay for other fees.

2. Master Scholarship (all majors can apply)

Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. 1500RMB living allowance each year (10 months).

3. PhD. Scholarship (all majors can apply)

Tuition and accommodation fee waiver. 2500RMB living allowance each year (10 months).



International Business 

Mechanical Design, & Manufacturing and Automation 

Software Engineering

Civil Engineering

Tourism Management

Microelectronics Science and Engineering 


Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages 

(these majors can apply scholarship)

Master in English:


Software Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics 

Animal Husbandry

Fisheries Science


PhD in Chinese: 

All major are taught in Chinese (for major list, please contact us)

Application Deadline: 30th, May.

Location: Hunan Province


reward amount 

first class 4500RMB/year

second class 3000RMB/year

third class 1500RMB/year

Program: Chinese language program


tuition 3000RMB/year

hostel fee 2000RMB/year

Application Deadline: June.

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