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Free Tuition, 10000RMB Allowance for PHD!
By shirly on 2021-11-05

Basic Info.

Location: Shenzhen

Degree: PHD

Language: English

Duration: The normal duration is 3 years, with the maximum of 5 years.


Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering (Medicine), Biomedical Engineering (Sciences), Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communications Engineering, Journalism and Communication, Management Science and Economic Decision, Optical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Optobiology, Optomechatronics Engineering and Application, Optomechatronics Engineering and Application, Political Communication, Theoretical Economics, Urban Informatics


FREE tuition, stipend 1000RMB*12 months

Application Documents

1. Certificate and diploma of Master's degree.

2. The transcripts of all courses during postgraduate period

Two Letters of Recommendation (Signed by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English with the name of the referral and contact information)

3. One piece of Self-statement (The self-statement should be around 1500 words, and written in English or Chinese, and should include: the intended major and supervisor, personal experience of study and work, academic research results etc.)

4. Photo Copy of Passport Info Page

5. Personal Photo(within six months)

6. Resume (from primary school to now)

7. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

8. Non-criminal Record Report (both original and Chinese translated copies)

9. All certificates, diplomas and transcripts must be issued and notarized by the valid authorities.

Application deadline: November 21, 2021

If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Stella for more details:


Tel: +86 17767072959

Wechat: StudyInChina1 

QQ: 2853662501

What's App: +86 17767072959


Facebook/Instagram: Stella Cuecc


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