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Scholarships for Both 2022 March Intake and September Intake!
By shirly on 2022-01-21

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This city has abundant natural resources and superior ecological environment. Its ecological environment quality ranks first in the province and ranks first in China.

The city has a mild climate, green mountains and beautiful waters, and beautiful scenery. It is a good place to visit.

All students are welcome to apply.


Basic Info.

Teaching Language: English

Intake: 2022 March and Septmber

Degree: Bachelor


Duration: 4 years

Age: 18-25years old



1. Nursing

2. International Economy and Trade

3. Computer Science and Technology

4. Chinese Language Course (non-degree)


Fees and Scholarships

1. Registration fee: 400RMB.

2. Tuition: 18000RMB/year, 9000RMB after scholarship deduction

3. Insurance premium: 500RMB/year.

4. Accommodation fee: 3500RMB/year/bed. The first annual report will be payable at the time of 1000RMB/bed deposit.

Note: If students cannot enter China due to the national epidemic prevention and control policies, we will arrange online classes for them. Students are only charged a third of the tuition fee, 3,000RMB/year, during their online education. When the global epidemic prevention and control situation improves and the Chinese Ministry of Education permits students to come to China, students are required to pay the remaining two-thirds of the tuition fee in one lump sum.


Application materials

1. Scanned copy of passport valid for more than one year

2. High school diploma

3. Transcripts from high school and the equivalent of college entrance exams

4. English Language Proficiency Certificate

5. Application Form for admission

6. Medical certificate within three months

7. Proof of bank statement that meets at least one year's total living and studying expenses (35,000RMB)

8. Personal identification photo within six months

9. Proof of no criminal record for three months

Transfer students also need to provide:

10. Identification certificate of behavior of transferring out of school (attendance and discipline violation must be indicated)

11. Recommendation letter from the International Student Administration department of the university (signature and seal of the person in charge is required)

The above application materials should be in Chinese or English, and notarized translations should be provided in other languages.

The school may request the applicant to provide other supplementary materials according to the circumstances.

Important note: CUECC will be on holiday soon. If you need to apply, please contact us in time.

If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Stella for more details:


Tel: +86 17767072959

Wechat: StudyInChina1 

QQ: 2853662501

What's App: +86 17767072959


Facebook/Instagram: Stella Cuecc



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