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The Entry Notice!
By shirly on 2022-02-09

The Entry Notice

    The epidemic has been with us for three years. Due to the epidemic, many students cannot enter China, let alone return to school. Many students have been asking us when we can return to school, and we are also concerned about this issue.


    With China's unremitting efforts and tenacious fight against the epidemic, the situation in China is getting better and better. Some students have been notified by the university to return to school, and many students are able to enter China as soon as possible. As for when you can enter China, you need to pay attention to your email. The university will send you an email. If you still need our help, please contact us in time.


    Last but not least, applications are open for 2022 September scholarships. If you want to win a good scholarship, please apply as soon as possible!

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