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Abundant Majors in Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology
By admin on 2017-12-27

Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology


Location: Weifang City, Shandong Province

March and September intake


Chinese language course : 

Tuition + accommodation = 5000rmb one semester (3 people room)


Associate degree and Bachelor degree:

Tuition fee: 5000rmb each year


I  Requirement

1Above High school diploma;

2Applicant should not be refused or illegal behavior in China

3The applicant had never been to China

4Age must be younger than 1990;

5.  Not include Nigeria,Tajikistan

II  Applicant should submit following materials (All materials shall be electronic edition)

(1) The Application Form for Foreign Students-Forms will supply by school;

(2) The resume of the applicant- Forms will supply by school;

(3)The scanning copy and the photocopy of the diploma of high school or institution;

(4) The scanning copy of the applicants passport;

(5) The certificate of applicants No Criminal Activity (official seal affixed);

(6) The medical examination report provided by local quarantine authorities;

(7)The student age which is younger than 1990,older than 1992 (1992-1990),Need to provide a work proof (official seal affixed), Other age do not need to provide;

III. LIST OF SPECIALTIES (All Chinese taught)

(If students without HSK 4, then can study one year Chinese language course first)

国际交流与合作部 International Exchange and Cooperation Department

●电气自动化(中德合作)Electric Automationcooperative program with university of Germany

●物流管理(中德合作)Logistics Management(cooperative program with University of Germany)

●建筑工程技术(中韩合作)Construction Engineering Technology (cooperative program with University of Korea)

●汉语言文学 Chinese Language and Literature

●常用汉语速成 Short-term Common Chinese

●中国文化体验短期研修课程 Short-term Chinese Culture


机电工程系 School of Electro-mechanical Engineering

●机电一体化技术(本科) Mechatronics(undergraduate program)

●应用电子技术  Applied Electronic Technology

●机电一体化技术 Mechatronics

●工业机器人技术 Industrial Robot Technology

●电气自动化技术 Electric Automation

●机电设备维修与管理 Equipment Maintenance


机械工程系 School of Mechanical Engineering

●机械设计与制造 Machinery Design and Manufacture

●机械制造与自动化 Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

●机械制造与自动化(本科) Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (undergraduate program)

●数控技术  Numerical Control

●模具设计与制造 Die design and Manufacture


经济管理系 School of Economic Management

●商务管理 Business Management

●国际经济与贸易 International Economics and Trade

●工商企业管理 Enterprises Management

●会计电算化 Accounting Computerization

●物流管理 Logistics Management


建筑工程系 School of Constructional Engineering


●建筑工程技术(本科) Construction Engineering Technology (undergraduate program)

●建筑工程技术 Construction Engineering Technology

●建设工程管理 Construction Engineering Management

●建筑装饰工程技术 Construction Decoration Engineering

●市政工程技术 Municipal Engineering

●测绘与地理信息技术 Surveying and Geographic Information Technology


商务外语系  School of Business Foreign Languages

●应用韩语 Applied Korean

●商务英语 Business English

●商务日语 Business Japanese

●眼视光技术 Ophthalmology and Optometry


纺织服装系 School of Textile and Garment

●现代纺织技术 Modern Textile Technology

●纺织品检测与贸易 Textile Inspection and Trade

●服装设计与工艺 Clothing Design and Craft

●服装与服饰设计 Clothing Design

●服装与服饰设计(本科)Clothing Design (undergraduate program)

●人物形象设计 Image Design

●市场营销 Marketing


信息工程系  School of Information Engineering

●计算机应用技术 Computer Application Technology

●计算机网络技术 Computer Networking Technology

●计算机网络技术 (华为ICT方向) Computer Networking Technology (college-enterprise cooperative program)

●计算机应用技术(IT服务与管理方向) Computer Application Technology (IT-service-and-management-oriented)

●软件技术 Software Technology

●软件技术(服务外包方向) Software Technology (service-outsourcing-oriented)

●应用电子技术 Applied Electronic Technology

●软件技术(移动应用开发方向)Software Technology (mobile-application-and-development-oriented)

●物联网应用技术  Application Technology of Internet of Things

●移动应用开发 Mobile Application and Development


生物与化学工程系  School of Biochemical Engineering

●高分子材料加工技术 Process of Polymer Material

●环境工程技术 Environment Engineering Technology

●应用化工技术 Applied Chemical Technology

●生物技术及应用 Biotechnology and Application

●药品生物技术 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

●工程分析技术 Engineering Analysis Technology

●工业分析技术 Industrial Analysis Technology

●食品质量与安全 Food Quality and Safety

●水产养殖技术 Aquaculture

●饲料与动物营养 Animal Nutrition and Feed

●眼视光技术 Ophthalmology and Optometry


艺术传媒系 School of Arts and Media


●动漫制作技术 Animation Production Technology

●数字媒体艺术设计 Design of Digital Media Arts

●数字媒体应用技术 Design of Digital Media Application


汽车工程系 School of Automobile Engineering

●汽车检测与维修技术 Automobile Inspection and Maintenance

●汽车营销与服务 Automobile Marketing and Service

●汽车制造与装配技术 Automotive Mount Technology

●汽车检测与维修技术(中德诺浩)Automotive Mount Technology(college-enterprise cooperative program)

●汽车电子技术 Automotive Electronic Technology 


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