Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree: NonDegree
Duration: 1 month
Starting Time: Spring
Application Deadline: 2020-09-30
Tuition Fee: 2800.00
  • Program Description
  • Objectives
  • Main Courses
  • Degree Awarded

1.Language Module (Week 1---Week 3)

For elementary level

For intermediate level

For advanced level

2.Shaolin Kungfu Module (Week 4)

For beginners and above

3.Module of Chinese Culture

Academic Lectures on

A.Lao Zi (founder of Daoism)and Confucius (founder of Confucianism)

B.Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Kungfu

4.Module of Cultural Trips (two weekends before and after Week 4) (optional)

Trip to Buddhist Shaolin Temple, Daoist Zhongyue Temple and Confucian Songyang Academy ( See more photos in pp 5-6 )

Enjoy the Shaolin Zen Music and Kungfu Gala( See more photos in pp.5-6 )

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