Electrical and Information Engineering

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree: Bachelor
Duration: 4 Years
Starting Time: Spring_Autumn
Application Deadline: 2020-09-30
Tuition Fee: 13000.00
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Program Characteristics & Advantages:

Integration of Electrical Engineering and Communication Engineering, Integration of Power System and Electrical Information, Integration of Electrical Technology and Electronic Technology, Integration of Hardware and Software Technologies, Integration of Electrical Elements and Systems. The potential students will have extensive trainings from electrical engineering, communications engineering, electronic engineering, control and information processing, and computer technologies. Through those trainings, the students will be capable of solving technical problems in electrical engineering, automatic control and communications technologies.

Objectives:The program is designed to cultivate advanced and vertical engineering talents with the distinctive qualities: having a good command of fundamental studies, a broad range of knowledge, highly integrated abilities and the spirit of innovation. Upon graduation, the students are expected to become comprehensive senior engineers with dominant specialty characteristics, and be capable for all electrical engineering and its automation related areas such as engineering design, electrical production, power system operation and analysis, technology development, education and research, financial management, etc. This specialty consists of 4 specialized directions: power system and its automation (power system, in short), protection relay and remote technology (protection), high voltage technology (high voltage), and power electronics technology. 

Employment Information: 

The students will be capable of flexibly applying control technologies, computer technologies and communications technologies to solve problems in the areas of electrical and communication engineering. The students will have both solid theoretic knowledge and strong first-hand practice abilities for engineering projects. The students will be able to pursue their careers in scientific research, technology development, project design, and system operation and decision managements, and they will become broadly-targeted and inter-disciplinary talents for advanced engineering technologies and managements.

Advanced Math, Principle of Circuits, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits and Digital Logics, Principle of Automatic Control, Principle of Microcomputer, Signal and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Communications, Data communications and Computer Networks, Principle of Modern Switch System, Electromechanics, Power Electronic Technologies, and Basics of Electrical Engineering.

Bachelor Degree of Engineering

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