MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree: Bachelor
Duration: 4 years
Starting Time: Autumn
Application Deadline: 2020-09-30
Tuition Fee: 18000.00
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  • Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery  are the two first professional undergraduate degrees awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine and surgery by universities. The naming suggests that they are two separate degrees; however, in practice, they are usually treated as one and awarded together.

According to the basic requirements of China’s training objective for the clinical medical professional undergraduate, training the foreign students to adapt to the medical needs of students sources and the return to their nations or the requirements of the international service to a third country after graduation, and to become specialized personnel providing medical treatment, teaching and scientific research work in the medical and health service departments. 

anthroponomy, histology and embryology, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology, pathology, human parasitology, pharmacology, pathophysiology,  preventive medicine, diagnostics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, internal medicine, surgery, gynemetrics, pediatrics. 

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 

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