Campus Life in Shanghai Maritime University
By admin on 2016-05-23

On-campus Dormitory

    International students will be accommodated in international students dormitory Building 62 (new campus) and Gaoheng Mansion (old campus). It is under the management of the International Education College. Students are also allowed to rent off-campus, however, the costs of on-campus housing is more affordable.

    The reception is on duty 24 hours and the staff are experienced in providing services to foreign students. Each room is equipped with a bath, a direct-dial telephone, an air-conditioner and Internet connection. International students should pay the bill of ultra-generated water and electricity individually.

    If you need a dormitory on campus, room reservations should be made when applying. The accommodation fees of the dormitories are paid per semester and will not be refunded if you leave before the end of the semester.


On-campus Dining

Dining hall

    There are three dining halls on Lingang campus, all the dining halls except A5 have one day off on Saturday or Sunday. The working-hour notice will be put on the entrance of each dining hall.

Hai’xin Dining Halls: in the north living plaza, including A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 (for Muslim), and The A4 dining provides midnight snacks from 19:00 to 21:00; 

Hai’qin Dining Halls: in the south living plaza, including B1, B2, B3; 

Hai’lian dining halls: near the sixth gate, including C1,C2,C3

Time schedule of the dining halls

    Breakfast: 6:30-8:30   Lunch: 10:45-12:30   Supper: 16:30-18:15. 

Dining card 

    International students can apply for a dining card during registration period, Students may have meals in any students’ dining hall with this card and it can also be used in shops and the library and so on. Students are expected to maintain the order of the dining halls, help to keep the places clean and tidy and respect the working staff.


Public Transportation


(1) Luchaogang Station – Shanghai South Railway Station: 18 yuan

K8352: Dep.: 09:07 / Arr. 10:17

K8354: Dep. 16:35 / Arr. 18:00 

(2) Shanghai South Railway Station – Luchaogang Station: 18 yuan

K8351: Dep. 07:30 / Arr. 08:54

K8353: Dep. 14:45 / Arr. 16:06


(1) Pudong International Airport

⊙ Airport Bus Line 8: to Hucheng Ring Road ( the terminal)

⊙ Maglev Train: to Longyang Road and transfer to Longgang Express Line ( or Longlu Line, Longlin Line) to SMU

(2) Hongqiao International Airport

⊙ Metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Metro Station, then transfer to Long gang Express Line ( or Longlu Line, Longlin Line) to SMU


Bank & Foreign Currency Exchange

    Bank cards issued by many international financial institutions can be used at ATMs in China. The most widely acceptable ones are VISA and MasterCard. Some others, such as American Express, Diners, Discovery, and JCB are also acceptable to a smaller number of ATMs. Therefore, we suggest you take VISA or MasterCard to China.

    However, the majority of cards issued by foreign banks cannot be used to withdraw cash over the counter at Chinese banks. If you need a large amount of cash, you have to go to the head office of the Bank of China downtown.

    You can exchange a certain amount of RMB as the first few days of daily expenses when arriving at the airport. Carrying a large amount of RMB poses a hidden risk to your safety and lots of bank outlets in Shanghai offer foreign currency exchange service.

    It is strongly suggested that students not go to the place unauthorized to exchange money, you may risk getting counterfeit at these places. 

    Need more information please feel free to contact with us:


 Tel: 0086-571-88165512



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