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Shenyang Ligong University
Zone:North East
Address:No.6 Nanping Central Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1948
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
With the development of Chinese foreign affairs in the fields of economy, business and culture, China’s official language, Mandarin, is becoming popular in more and more countries. The International Education College (IEC) of Shenyang Ligong University (SYLU) is a special college whose purpose is to teach Mandarin to international students.
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University Profile

Shenyang Ligong University (SLU) is a multi-disciplinary university with not only a primary emphasis on various fields of Engineering but also Economics, Management, Sciences, Arts and Law. With characteristics of National Defense, the university is serving Liaoning Provice and whole nation. The main campus is located in Hunnan High-tech Industrial District of Shenyang City. It was founded in 1948. The predecessor to the university was Industrial School for Weaponry Department of North-east Military Region of PLA. In 1960, Shenyang Institute of Technology was set up, which was affliliated to China North Industries Group Corporation. In 1999, the university was under the supervision of Liaoning Province and began to be constructed by both Province and Minstry. In May 2004, Ministry of Education approved the university to be renamed as Shenyang Ligong University.

The university has 16 schools, 1 department. Total number of students amounts to 36,169. Since the foundation 60 years ago, the university has trained more than 80,000 professionals. With a total construction area of 432,000 square meters the campus covers 1,21 million square meters. The university owns the fixed assets of RMB1.02 billion Yuan, among which the value of teaching facilities is RMB 10.4 million Yuan. The floor area of the library is 39,000 square meters. The collection of books reaches 1.14 million volumes. The library is equipped with automatic management system and important domestic & international data bases. With a standard-size playground and a stuents’ activity center, the campus is well-facilated for students’ sports and cultural activities.

The university offers 41 undergraduate programs, 23 associate degree programs, 28 second-class discipline master degree programs and 5 engineering master degree programs. There are 5 Key Disciplines at Provincial and Ministry level, 1 Sino-Russian Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base, 1 National Key Lab for 863 Plan, and 6 Key Labs at Provincial and Ministry level.

The staff of university total 1944, including 1003 full-time teachers, of whom 117 are professors and 276 are associate professors. Among them there are 130 teachers with doctor degrees, 444 with master degrees. 10 of them are among the top 100 talents of Liaoning, 10 are among the top 1000 talents of Liaoning. 24 of them are subsidized by State Council.