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Shanghai Theatre Academy
Zone:East China
Address:No.630 Huashan Rd. SHANGHAI 200040
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1945
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
China's Shanghai Theatrical Institute training specialists of higher theater arts institutions, the predecessor of the Shanghai Municipal Experimental Drama School, December 1, 1945 by the famous educator and a well-known dramatist Li Jianwu Gu Yuxiu, yellow temporary file creation, etc., the Buddha Bear Mr. West led by the president. In October 1949, Shanghai Li experimental theater school changed its name to the Shanghai Drama school legislation. National institutions of higher learning in 1952 the Practice of the adjustment, Shandong University Fine Arts Department of the Drama Division, Shanghai Xingzhi Art After School Drama Group formally built into homes, changed its name to East China Branch of the Central Academy of Drama. Officially named in 1956 for the Shanghai Theatrical Institute, Department of the Ministry of Culture under the institutions of higher art. 4 transfer of the grounds in 2000 with the Ministry of Culture Change, Shanghai, in June 2002, the original Shanghai Normal University, College of Performing Arts, the Shanghai Traditional Opera School, the Shanghai Dance School into the Shanghai Theatrical Institute. Since founding, the Institute has trained nearly expertise of art, of which the representative aspects of theatrical performances are: Juan Zhu, Jiao Huang, Zhao-Liang, Pan Hong, Luoyong Wang, Li Yuanyuan, Chen Hong, Zhu Yin-sheng, Lu Yi, Bing-Bing Li; director of the representative areas are as follows: Yu, sand Yexin, Mr Johnny Woo, and so on;design representative: Zhou original meaning Miaosheng Hu, Kim Jang-strong, Han, Tianfu Iraq and so on; in the fine arts have in the United States Artist: Lu Wan, Cai Guoqiang, etc.; TV rookie auspices of area are: and Jing, Chen Rong.; opera actor on behalf of are: Cai Zhengren,Yue Mei Ti, Zhang Xun Peng, Ji Zhenhua, Yang Chunxia, Shi Min, dancers representatives:stone glockenspiel, Wang Qi, Yang Xinhua, Xin Lili, Huang Doudou, Yuan Yuan Tan,Sun Yat-Shen, YAO Wei, etc.. A considerable portion of them as the impact of China and the world drama, film, art of the well-known artists, college has also trained at the same time Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other ethnic minorities of the first generation of dramatists, in order to promote the Chinese culture has made important contributions to the cause. Opera drama school is the main subjects in our hospital in 1999, Shanghai has been included in key disciplines. Doctorate or master's degrees to postgraduate levels of education for secondary school drama opera subjects, a total of more than ten research. In addition, the Master's level graduate education also has Art, Radio and Television Arts. School-based performance system, the Department of dramatic literature, theater, fine arts department, directed by Department of Television Arts Institute, the Ministry of Public Education, Chinese Opera Institute, Dance Academy, creative colleges and further education colleges; undergraduate-level professional education are performing, drama, film literature, drama, film and television art design, art design, director, director of radio and television, radio and presided over the arts, choreographer, professional management, culture, covering drama, opera, dance and other professional categories. Secondary-level professionals have ballet, Chinese dance, Chinese opera performances, opera music, opera music, Shaoxing opera performances, drama, film and television performances, video model performance, stage arts, puppet performances and production. There are three college campuses: Headquarters is located in Huashan Road, Television Arts Academy, Dance Academy, Opera Opera School and the school is located in lianhua road subsidiary, the subsidiary is located in Hongqiao Road Dance School.
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University Profile

Shanghai Theatre Academy is a 62 year-old comprehensive university of performing arts, with a focus on theatre training and studies. Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Shanghai Municipal Government, and reporting to the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, STA is one of China’s most outstanding higher educational arts institutions.

1945 Shanghai Municipal Experimental Drama School opened
1949 SMEDS became Shanghai Municipal Drama College
1952 SMDC became East China College, Central Theatre Academy, while merging with Theatre Branch, Arts Department of Shandong University and Theatre Group of Shanghai Xingzhi Art School
1956 Shanghai Theatre Academy had its current name
2002 STA annexed Performing Arts College, Shanghai Normal University; Shanghai Traditional Opera School, and Shanghai Dance School

Shanghai Theatre Academy has evoved from a small college int an outstanding comprehensive university of performing arts in China. STA has three campuses locaed respectively on Huashan Road, Lianhua Road and Hongqiao Road. There are four departments (Department of Acting, Department of Directing, Department of Dramatic Literature, Department of Stage Design) and five colleges (College of Chinese opera, College of Dance, College of Television Arts, College of Creative Studies, College of Contimuing Education) plse two affiliated pe-college professional art schools (Affiliated Chinese Opera School, Affiliated Dance School). STA offers 11 four-yaer BA majors with 23 specialties.

STA’s Theatre and Chinese Opera Studies is a national-level key discipline. There is a post-doctoral program in Atrs Studies covering all artistic genres.

STA confers doctoral degrees in theatre studies, including eight special areas, and master’s degrees covering all artistic areas with special strength in 25 areas. There is also an MFA program and a special master’s program for college teachers.

According to the March., 2007, statistics, there are nearly 3000 full-time students, among whom 50% are undergraduates 15% graduates students, 18% pre-college students of the traditional opera school, 17% pre-college students of the dance school. There are 467 faculty members, of whom 26% are professors and associate professors. Five national level experts are working at STA, and there are 19 experts who enjoy the government subsidy from the State Council.

Our theatre venues include Shanghai Theatre, Duanjun Theatre, New Performance Space, and two Black Boxes, on the Huashan Road campus, Little Theatre (Dance School) on the Hongqiao Road campus , and performing Hall on the Lianhua Road campus. There are two major classroom buildings and three multifuncational comprehensive buildings, enquipped for various teaching activities and performances. Two major libraries stand on our campuses. Digital teaching and management have been realized on all three campus. Our srudents enjoy dormitories, dining halls and gymnasia.
STA has academic and artistic exchange programs with institutions in 26 countries and districts all over the world. STA has set up cooperative relations with 14 universities, including St. Petersburg  State Institute of Theatrical Arts; Tisch School of the Arts, New York University; University of California, Davis; Mysashino Art University, Japan; Roman Arts University, Italy; Academy of Fine Art in Bologna, Italy; Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK; School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, etc. Students from more than 50 countires and districts have come to our academy to study. STA faculty and students have visited many international universities, sometimes with touring performances, sometims in short term study trips, in countries such as Singapore, Japan, England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Belgium, Romania, and Mexico. The academy also hosts the Asia-Pacific Center of the International Theatre Institute, chaired by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In the past three years, faculty members have carried out international exchange projects abroad more than 250 person/times. More than 300 students went abroad to study or perform. STA has invited 30 plus world famous experts and professors from USA, France, England and Italy to give lectures and conduct workshops