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University Of Shanghai For Science And Technology
Zone:East China
Address:No.516 Jungong Rd., SHANGHAI 200093
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1906
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is located in the north-east of Shanghai, between Huangpu River and Central Link, adjacent to the Fuxing Island and Gongqing Forest Park. The main part of the university, sitting at Jungong Road, Yangpu District, can be traced back to University of shanghai founded in 1906; the part, located at Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, was founded in 1907 from Deutsche Medizinschule. In May 1996, East China University of Technology (former Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering) and the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Technology merged to form University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. In 1999, Shanghai Institute of Optical Instruments joined USST. In July 2003, Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College and Shanghai Publishing and Printing College were incorporated into USST. For the purpose of promoting its teaching and ability of serving the society through scientific research, USST has raised its annual research outlay to 0.13 billion Yuan including the following projects: “863” projects, “975” basic research projects, the key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and projects of scientific research at ministerial or provincial level. USST National Science Park has been named, by Shanghai Economic Commission, as “Shanghai Creative Industry Concentration Zone”, which has gathered a number of advanced manufacturing-oriented R & D institutions and enterprises and has served as a platform combining production, learning and research together.
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University Profile

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology began its international exchanges in 1978. At first the Foreign Affairs Office was appointed to be in charge of exchange matters. In 1996 it changed its name to International Exchange Office, and in 2008 to International Affairs. It is now responsible for the management of international university cooperation and academic exchange, foreign teacher employment, university joint cooperation, teaching staff going abroad and other international cooperation matters. The main purpose of USST international Affairs is to serve the university education and scientific research communities, and promote USST subject construction, academic teaching, scientific research and international exchange of teachers.

Throughout the past 30 years, the foreign affairs of USST have always had the support from the central and local governments. The management team of USST insists on an opening policy, energetically developing the cooperation and exchanges with foreign universities, and hence promoting the total development of the university.

The International Affairs office has established inter-university and scientific research relationships with over ten universities from countries such as Germany, America, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Russia. The office has arranged mutual exchange of scholars to give lectures between USST and these countries. On the basis of long cooperation, USST has actively developed joint international university programs, and has established 12 joint international schools and 16 joint majors with foreign universities. They include The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, America), Hamburg University for Applied Sciences (Germany), Montreal University (Canada) and others. So far over 1800 students for master degree or bachelor degree have been involved in the joint programs. The demonstrative business management project in our university, sponsored by the former Machinery Ministry and Sloan School of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has held 7 training classes for advanced managers and advanced management personnel, and set the precedent for cooperation with the best universities in the world.

In the past 30 years, USST has employed over 1000 foreign experts; received over 1000 oversea delegation groups including many foreign government minister delegation groups; and sent out more than 500 teachers to attend various academic exchange activities abroad. With these international exchanges, USST has not only established good co-operative relationships with foreign governments, universities and enterprises, but also successfully communicated with governing departments and businesses to make contributions to our economic development. Since 1993, five foreign experts from Germany, United States and Canada have been separately been awarded the National Friendship Award issued by State Department, White Magnolia Memorization Award or White Magnolia Honor Award issued by Shanghai municipal government