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Shanghai University Of Electric Power
Zone:East China
Address:No.2103 Pingliang Rd., SHANGHAI 200090
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1951
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Shanghai Institute of Electric Power Engineering is to build the central government and Shanghai to the Shanghai-based full-time general management of institutions of higher learning. School is divided into two campuses, including campusYangpu District is located in the eastern part of Huangpu River in Shanghai Sea, adjacent to the Yangpu Bridge, sea school campus is located in Nanhui, science and technology park in Nanhui, Shanghai has been officially included in the construction of University City, and science and technology park "2 +2 + x "of the development plan have been completed and is currently a full-featured, fully equipped, elegant environment of the modern university campus. Pingliang new campus is located in the Shanghai Electric Power Science and Technology Parks and the Ministry of Education by the National Ministry of Science and Technology Shanghai Institute of Electric Power Engineering as a National University Science Park. Another school in the East Road, Yangpu District Guoshun campus with teaching. Schools acres total area of nearly a full-time students more than the size of a. School History Shanghai Institute of Electric Power Engineering was founded in 1951, after the Shanghai school of electrical, power school Shanghai, Shanghai Electric Power School, Shanghai Electric Power College of evolution. In January 1985, with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Water Resources Ministry, renamed the Shanghai Institute of Electric Power Engineering, started a school-level undergraduate course. Comrade Li Peng wrote for the school of the school. More than 50 years, the school has trained tens of thousands of national industries, especially electricity industry professional and technical personnel, a large number of graduates has become the backbone of the electric power industry and other industries, a large group of companies, key state enterprises or the technical backbone of the leadership of cadres. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party, school reform and opening up, adhere to the education policy of economic development, all aspects of the cause of rapid development has been made, a Therefore, the present work has become the main rationale for both, the management, by and other disciplines, the backbone of the power characteristics of subjects in higher education significantly. Faculty and professional settings School with Energy and Environment Engineering, Power and Automation Engineering, Computer and Information Engineering, School of Economics and Management, International Institute of Higher Vocational Institute of Technology, Institute of Adult Education (with East China PowerCenter) a total of seven b Grade School, as well as, Department of Foreign Languages, Social Sciences Department, Sports Department under the Ministry of the four. Schools with the existing thermal power engineering, electrical engineering and automation, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, business management, Information and Computing Science, English, etc. 25 undergraduate professional, involving workers, management, arts, science, by the top five categories. The school also has electrical engineering and automation, such as vocational professional. Schools in the thermal engineering, power systems and automation, the three disciplines of Applied Chemistry, an independent graduate recruitment and training. Schools of modern electric power system and power plant automation, power clean production and energy saving, power of corporate information and decision support, application of chemical plant and environmental protection disciplines for four key subjects of Shanghai. Thermal power plant and environmental engineering, power system security and energy-efficient, modern enterprise management power to the three disciplines of key disciplines in Shanghai Education Commission. Electric Power Economics and Management, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation Shanghai three professional undergraduate education Heights. Electricity R & D platform for virtual simulation run, renewable energy R & D centers, large-scale power plant platform for the integrated automation system featuring high level of Shanghai Education Commission. Schools with energy and environmental engineering, electrical and automation engineering, electrical electronics, computer and information engineering, physics experiments, power automation technology works, modern educational technology, engineering, training, economic and power management, thermal equipment, Key Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection of a total of Ten experimental center, the foundation and 37 specialized laboratories, a separate base for the innovative practice of university students. Of "Corrosion and Protection of Thermal Power Equipment," "Power Station Automation Technology" for the provincial and ministerial key laboratories. School Library10,000 paper documents, e-books more than a million copies. Teachers School existing staff, more than 600 full-time teachers, which has a master's degree and above the proportion of graduate teachers, nearly 80%, Dr. ratio of 25%, full-time teachers with advanced professional and technical positions of the ratio of nearly 40%, teachers in more than 70 with doctorate or master's degree qualified as trainers. In recent years, a number of well-known domestic and foreign graduate students return to the doctorate or master's degrees one after another full of teachers so that teachers raise the academic level of each year. At present, the school has formed a Doctor, a professor at the core, in order to have a doctorate as the backbone of the young teachers of academic subjects echelon. Neither team has a higher theoretical level, but also has rich experience in teaching and research. It also hired a number of Chinese Academy of Engineering, including dozens of well-known scholars and experts as a school or part-time professor Professor Emeritus.
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University Profile

Shanghai University of Electric Power (SUEP) is one of the most prestigious state-owned institutions of higher education in Shanghai. Founded in 1951, SUEP has developed into a comprehensive university with rich diversity of disciplines. The university offers programs in engineering, science, liberal arts, management and economy. The faculty totals over 1000, of them more than 200 are professors and associate professors. Besides, there are dozens of domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars as honorary, part-time or visiting professors at SUEP. The university is composed of 6 colleges and 2 departments, 35 laboratories and 12 research centers. There are nearly 850,000 books and over 1,000,000 e-books under circulation in the library. Its present enrollment of full-time undergraduates and postgraduates amounts to over 10,000.

In recent years, SUEP has quickened its steps in international exchange and cooperation. It has established partner relations with colleges and universities in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, the United States, Russia, etc. The university jointly educates students with universities in Britain and Russia, and receives overseas students from France and Russia.

Welcome to SUEP for Chinese language learning courses, to experience Chinese culture. Welcome to apply for bachelor and master degree programs