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Shanghai Business School
Zone:East China
Address:No.2271 West Zhongshan Rd.,SHANGHAI 200235
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1950
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Shanghai Business School (SBS) is a commerce-oriented public institution of higher education under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Municipal Government. SBS is also a Model Unit of Shanghai Municipality. SBS has a 50-year history of development. SBS has successively produced tens of thousands of administrators and economic management professionals for the economic construction of the country as well as Shanghai. SBS has nurtured and educated large numbers of college students for the society. Many of our graduates are now taking leadership positions in some large and medium-sized enterprises. And some have become entrepreneurs well-known at home and abroad. Currently, SBS has eight second-level colleges and three directly affiliated departments. They are College of Accounting and Finance, College of Management, College of Foreign Languages and International Exchange, College of Art and Design, College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, College of Journalism and Communications, College of Higher Vocational and Technical Education, College of Adult Education, and Department of International Economy and Trade, the Department of Law and Administration and the Department of Food Processing Technique. SBS offers 15 undergraduate majors, 47 majors for advanced vocational education and 7 Sino-foreign joint programs. At present, SBS has more than 11,000 registered full-time students and 462 full-time teachers, 38 of whom are professors and researchers and 133 of whom are associate professors. In addition, SBS boasts a powerful team of visiting professors consisting of senior management personnel such as chairmen and presidents from enterprises and groups which are well-known both at home and abroad. In addition, SBS boasts a powerful team of visiting professors consisting of senior management personnel such as chairmen and presidents from nationally and internationally well-known enterprises and groups. In the past ten years, SBS has established some socially influential science and technology research and training organizations, such as Shanghai Chain Management Research Institute, Shanghai E-commerce Education Research Institute, Modern Circulation Development Center, Shanghai Appraisal Institution for Professional Skills in Commerce and Trade, Shanghai Commercial Talent Development Center, and Teacher Training Base for National Higher Vocational and Technological Education. In the meantime, SBS has completed some prospective and comprehensive research projects and offered valuable information for the major reforms in the economic field of Shanghai and of the country. SBS has its own academic publication named Journal of Shanghai Business School, and Shanghai Business, the core journal for national commerce and trade, is sponsored by SBS. In addition, SBS jointly runs East China Economic Management which is the key publication for China’s economy
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University Profile

Shanghai Business School is higher learning institution providing undergraduate programs directly under Shanghai Municipal Government. As a Model Unit, the school, which was formerly known as East China Branch of Tax Administration School of the Central Government, has undergone the development for 60 years. 

Sticking to the polices of keeping pace with the times and bringing forth new ideas, Shanghai Business School has turned out tens of thousands of qualified C.P.C. leaders and economic administrators as well as a large number of college graduates during the last five decades and many of them have become bureau directors, department heads, or directors of large or medium-sized enterprises. Some of them have even turned out to be distinguished business executives both at home and abroad.

At present, Shanghai Business School has more than 400 full-time teachers, of which 37.9% boast Master Degrees or Ph D degrees and 34.7% have the professional titles above associate professor, including 40 full professors and researchers. In addition, the school has a team of over 100 visiting professors consisting of senior executives like chairmen of  the boards and chief executives of nationally or internationally known enterprise groups.

Now Shanghai Business School has more than ten thousand full-time students in its twelve secondary level faculties, namely, The Faculty of Management, The Faculty of Economics and Trade, The Faculty of Finance and Accounting, The Faculty of Ecology and Tourism, The Faculty of Art and Design, The Faculty of Foreign Languages and International Exchange, The Faculty of Computer and Electronic Information, The Faculty of Food Science, The Faculty of Media and Journalism, The Faculty of Law and Politics,  The College of Social Science and Foundation Courses, The Faculty of Adult Education. The school offers eighteen undergraduate programs, forty-five advanced vocational programs and seven Sino-foreign cooperation programs, of which two are national-level specialties and one is municipality-level specialty for experimental educational reform. Commodity Circulation is approved as one of Shanghai Municipal key subjects; Business Communication is listed as one of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission key subjects; Chain Operation Management and Administration, a specialty not listed in the specialty catalogue by the Ministry of Education, has been approved as one of the key undergraduate education construction programs by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Besides, Introduction to E-Business, Introduction to Logistics and Career Planning have been authorized as national excellent courses; Introduction to E-Business, Basic Accounting, and Economic Law have been listed as excellent courses in Shanghai; nine courses like Computer Application Courses, Introduction to Accounting are listed as Shanghai Municipal Education Commission key construction courses. Moreover, Chain Operation and Management: Exploration and Innovation in the Tentative Reform of Specialty Teaching and Practice and Exploration of Job Application for Students of Higher Professional Colleges both won the first prizes of college teaching in Shanghai and the former is also awarded the second-class national prize of teaching of higher education. Nine textbooks such as Marketing Textbook and E-Business Textbook have won the first, second and third prizes in Shanghai. The education model of integrating production, learning and research, which is reaffirmed by the leaders of the Ministry of Education, has been transplanted into universities and colleges in many other places in China and born fruits there. Excellent teaching resources, correct orientation of school running as well as continuous deepening of teaching reformation have improved not only teaching qualities but also students’qualities. In recent years, the students in Shanghai Business School have gained fruitful results by successively winning the first prize in national mathematic module building competitions as well as those were held in Shanghai. Since 2000, the employment rate of the graduates has remained above over 95%, ranking in the forefront among the universities and colleges in Shanghai.

Since reform and opening up, Shanghai Business School has established influential research institutes and training organizations, including Shanghai Chain Operation Management Research Institute, Shanghai E-Business Education Institute, Modern Development Research Institute, Japan Business Research Institute, Japan Studies Research Institute, Shanghai Professional Skill Appraisal Institute, National Center for Training Teachers of Junior Colleges or Vocational Colleges and Shanghai Service Center of Human Resources Development and Service. What’s more, the school has completed a series of comprehensive, perspective and highly academic researches, which will play vital roles in the economic and social development of Shanghai as well as the whole country by providing scientific basis for the critical reforms in the economic field. The school publishes regularly its own academic journal ---Journal of Shanghai Business School, which is a core journal of commerce and trade. Besides, it also participates in the publishing and editing of other core Chinese journals like East China Economic Management.