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Nanjing University Of Science and Technology
Zone:East China
Address:No.200 Xiaolingwei NANJING 210094
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1956
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering is part of People's Republic of China Ministry of Information Industry and the national key universities, located in ZHONG Ling Yuk, Lung Poon of the ancient capital of Nanjing. The school was founded in 1953 by the New China, the highest military science and technology institutions - the People's Liberation Army Institute of Military Engineering (the Harbin Military Engineering Institute) of built form, has undergone Artillery Engineering Institute, East China Engineering Institute, East China Institute of Technology in several stages of development, more in 1993 is the name in September 1998, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the school who personally wrote the name of the school. Schools uphold the fine tradition of Harbin Military Engineering Institute, more than fifty years in the construction of a concise history of "people-oriented, Hau erudite" philosophy of the school, to promote "unity, devotion, and that innovation is" an excellent school spirit, persist in reform and innovation and forge ahead to improve the quality of work has been completed the main, science, engineering, culture, economics, management, law, teaching, such as multi-disciplinary comprehensive, coordinated development of the first national "211 Project" focused on building institutions. Schools in accordance with the North Mountain, the west wall out, the campus covers an area of 3118 mu. Campus pond full of water Qu Yan, Jia-Mu verdant, carpet of green grass, beautiful scenery, and the Dr. Sun Yat-sen seamless Scenic Area is ideal for self-learning garden. School buildings to the total area of 893,000 square meters, fixed assets value of 1.53 billion yuan, based on various types of facilities, logistics service system to improve. 56 existing laboratories, various kinds of teaching and research equipment worth 520 million yuan; School of Foreign Languages Library Library 1,820,000; have two standard sports ground and indoor sports venues, such as a complete sports facilities. Built the first college students nationwide television stations, broadcast regularly on the teaching and power of the press and sports programs. Schools with Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Institute of Automation, School of Economics and Management, Institute of Power Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, has a graduate school, further education colleges, higher vocational and technical institutes, the International Institute of Education and Co-founder and partner of the Institute of Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering Zijin Taizhou and Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering College Institute of Technology two independent. Schools are two disciplines of national level key disciplines, 4 national key disciplines in two disciplines (national coverage of key subjects of two nine subjects), 26 provincial and ministerial level key disciplines, 36 provincial and ministerial level focused on building brand , features professional; a state-level key laboratories, 2 national engineering centers, a national quality inspection center, a 12-disciplinary post-doctoral mobile stations, covering 16 disciplines, a doctoral 39, covering 36 a level 110 Master of disciplines, as well as the distribution of the work, the rationale, culture, economics, management, law of the six categories of 57 subjects Undergraduate; also has MBA (Master of Business Administration), MPA (Master of Public Administration) and engineering the right to award a master's degree with foreign students and recruitment of students the right of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. At present, there are all kinds of 27,520 people in the membership of Health, of which 5012 graduate students, and 14,772 college students in the school-based people, 323 were foreign students. School professor has the right qualifications the overall examination, self-assessment can be added to mentor doctoral students. Existing staff of 3083, including 1512 full-time teaching and research staff, and senior teachers in 1248, and doctoral tutor 214, 5 Academy of Engineering, "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" 4 Professor, and obtained "national-level teacher education Award for "2 persons, national" 973 "1 Chief Scientist, a team of national-level innovation by National Outstanding Youth Science Fund 2, and selected the Ministry of Personnel," New Century Talents Project"3 people, the Ministry of Education selected the" new Century Excellent Talents in support of plans to "9, and national experts who have made outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged 9, and national defense science and technology industry experts who have made outstanding contributions 5 middle-aged and young people, selected national defense science and technology industry," 511 Talents Project "33 people who have made outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province 6 middle-aged and young experts who were "in Jiangsu Province " 6. Since 2006, selected in Jiangsu Province "333 turn of the century academic, scientific and technological leader in the second phase training project" culture object 51 selected colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province "project blue" training objects 18 selected colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province "project blue "a team of scientific and technological innovation.
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University Profile

Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NUST), founded in 1953, is one of the key universities in China under the national "Project 211". Located in Nanjing, the campus covers an area of 200 hectares and has a very pleasant learning & living environment. NUST is a multi-disciplinary university incorporating science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, business, management, law and education with the special emphasis on engineering.


NUST is composed of 14 main schools offering 14 postdoctoral programs, 49 doctoral programs, 116 master programs, 74 undergraduate programs as well as MBA, EMBA and MPA. The number of students is over 30,000 including about 11,000 postgraduates and 700 overseas students. In six decades, the University has trained over 100,000 senior professional personnel of all kinds, who are warmly welcomed and acclaimed by all walks of life in the society.


NUST is well equipped with all necessary infrastructure and public service systems in support of modernized higher education and scientific research. Apart from a library and all kinds of laboratories which are open to students all day long, students can make full use of the modern gymnasium, artistic activity center and museum to mould their own minds and bodies.


NUST attaches great importance to the cultivation of its students’ personalities and teaches students in accordance with their capabilities. The University offers individual guidance to those who have difficulty in their studies and provides scholarship and the ideal conditions for each qualified student to complete his studies easily.

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Nanjing (Also known as Nankin/Nanking) is the capital of Jiangsu province in eastern China. She has been China’s capital during six different dynasties. Her present name means "Southern Capital".

Located in the lower Yangtze River drainage, Nanjing has long been a national centre of education, research, transport networks and tourism. Just 2 hours from Shanghai and 3.5 hours from Beijing by high speed rail makes Nanjing an excellent location for both education and business. With an urban population of over 7.4 million, Nanjing is the second-largest commercial centre in the East China region after Shanghai.

NUST unique campus is not only located in the Zhongshan Scenic Area but also has convenient transport links (Metro Line 2) to the city centre.

Nanjing has also been awarded the title of 2008 Habitat Scroll of Honour of China, Special UN Habitat Scroll of Honour Award. In addition Nanjing will host the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics welcoming youths from around the world.