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Hunan City University
Zone:South China
Address:YIYANG City 413000
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:2002
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Welcome to Hunan City University, which is named “City” university for the first time in the mainland of China and enrolls students from 27 provinces (Autonomous regions and municipality directly under the Central Government)、Hongkong、Macao、Taiwan and overseas. Hunan City University has a history of 40 years. Many majors with special characteristics are very famous in Hunan province and even the whole China. This university, with the students all over the country, has fostered many talents. The unique and advanced teaching methods will make you acquire endless treasure with knowledge. The first class living facilities will make you feel at home. Come to Hunan City University to get further education. You will find it a worthwhile experience.
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University Profile
Hunan City University, which was founded on the basis of the combination of two former colleges-Hunan Urban Construction College and Yiyang Teachers' College in March of 2002, ratified by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C., is a comprehensive full-time regular university. The university is named "City" university for the first time in the mainland of China. Hunan City University is located in Yiyang City-the ancient city which is in the centre by north of Hunan Province. With the beautiful scenery, Yiyang is always famous as "the home of fish and rice", "the home of bamboo" and "the home of reed", and it is also well known as a "Chinese Ramie City".

The University now has altogether 13,672 full-time undergraduates and junior college students. There are 974 teachers, 706 of whom are full-time teachers, including 40 professors, over 200 associate professors, over 200 doctors and masters, 6 experts given special subsidy by the State Council.

The campus of the university covers an area of 1881 mu. Its floor space of construction is 349,800 square meters. The fixed assets of the university amount to RMB 600 million yuan, among which the teaching instruments and equipments amount to more than RMB 60 million yuan, and it possesses the TH-DTS electric electronic power-reaction experimental equipment, electronic universal testing machine, total station instrument and some other advanced teaching instruments and equipments. There is a university website, second-class station of CNKI knowledge network, and electronic reading-rooms. Its library has a collection of books over 1,000,000 volumes.
Focusing on city characteristics, around such fields as city planning, city construction, city management, city business and culture, to strengthen the mutual infiltration of Arts and Science, to strengthen the coordinated development of multi-subjects, Hunan City University is striving for the cultivation of the higher applied talents who can meet the needs of the city development and the regional economic development.

Now the university consists of 3 colleges, 11departments, and 1 teaching unit. There are 6 major disciplines: pedagogy, science, engineering, literal arts, agriculture and management. It covers 31 specialties of undergraduate education such as City Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, City Administration, etc. among which City Planning, Engineering Management, Chemical Engineering and Art, Physical Education are key undergraduate specialties of the Department of Education of Hunan Province. In 2006, the university began to have the authority to issue the Bachelor's Degree.

In 2006, the university enrolled students from 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of our country. Now its graduates are working all over the country. The lump-sum rate of graduates' employment successively reached over 95% in the past six years. In 2000, the university was honored with the title of "the advanced unit in graduate placement" among all the Chinese colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C.

The university has set up the Design and Research Institute of Planning and Architecture, Supervisory Company, Real Estate Corporation and other scientific and technological enterprises. Meanwhile, the Design and Research Institute of Planning and Architecture has got the A-grade qualification ratified by Chinese Government in city planning, scientific and technological consultation. The Journal of Hunan City University is honored as one of the "one hundred advanced national journals of social science edition".
The university attaches great importance to international exchange of culture and science. The foreign teachers are invited to teach English and other subjects in our university every year. Since 1999, the university has established co-operative relationship of running school and academic exchange relations with Southern Sydney Institute of Australia, Napier University in Scotland, Namhae College in South Korea.

At present, Under the leadership of the Party Commission and the administration of the university, The faculty unite together to uphold the principle of "putting people first, attaching importance to quality of education, flourishing it with its own features, and activating it through innovation", and to promote the construction and development of the university. In 2010, we will strive to enroll 16000 students and to build the university to be an open modern teaching-oriented local university with multi subjects, complete facility, scientific management, and distinct characteristics.