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Soochow University
Zone:East China
Address:No.50 donghuan Rd SUZHOU 215021
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1900
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Soochow University is located in known as "paradise on earth" of the ancient city of Suzhou, is the national "211 Project" of Jiangsu Province universities and key provincial comprehensive university. For the creation of its predecessor in the Soochow University in 1900. Adjustment in 1952 when the National College of Soochow University and Jiangsu Institute of Culture and Education, Southern Yangtze University Jiangsu into the colleges of the same year, known as Teachers College, Jiangsu, Soochow University in the original school site. Approval of the State Council in 1982 to run for the Suzhou University. By the Ministry of Education and approved by the provincial government of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou College of Sericulture, Suzhou Silk Institute, Suzhou Medical College in 1995, 1997, incorporated into the Suzhou University in 2000. At present, Suzhou University has developed into one of considerable size, a more solid basis, operating efficiency, and a certain well-known at home and abroad, the local university. Hundred years ago, Suzhou University has delivered to the community more than 30 million undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom have become scientific, educational, cultural and other undertakings of the well-known scholars and public figures.former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Zhou Gucheng, Fei Xiaotong, Sun Qimeng, Lei Jieqiong, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Zhao, Qian Weichang, Dong Yinchu, a famous scientist, Nobel Laureate Tsung-Dao Lee, a prominent legal experts of the Ni Levy Day (Austria), a well-known educator sericulture Pijiang Zheng, a well-known experts in brain surgery and medical educators Du Wei, Yang Hong Kong celebrities , Rev Peter (Jin Yong), the incumbent vice governor of Jiangsu Province Zhang Weiguo; Jiangsu Province Gu Hao, former deputy secretary of the Committee, deputy governor of, former vice chairman of CPPCC Jiangsu Tong Fu, Zhou Yi Sang, the Army, and Tan Jiazhen, Jian-Kang Liu, Fung-chiu 30, etc. A number of academicians are alumni of our school. Suzhou University, the existing 12 post-doctoral research station, a 6-disciplinary doctorate authorized, the authorized point of 84 PhD (including their own professional), an academic-level doctoral degree, Master of 210 points (including self - based professional), as well as professional degree Master's 10 points, 103 degree, four state-level key disciplines, 24 provincial and ministerial level key disciplines (including 6 national key disciplines foster the building of points), a National Engineering Laboratory, 1 National Key Laboratory of nurturing a building, the 10 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 3 provincial and ministerial level engineering centers, a national arts foundation subjects training base, a national science foundation for scientific research and teaching personnel training bases, Ministry of Education, a focus on humanities and social sciences research base, the State Sports General Administration a focus on social science research base. At present, various types of students have about 5 million, of which various types of in-school graduate 12,602 people, 21,472 undergraduate students, and adult education 9710; and staff of 4112 people, Academy of Sciences 4 (of which: 3 Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Academy of Sciences, the Third World Academy of Sciences 1), 6 double-appointed academician, professor, associate professor 1253, and a relatively strong force, a more reasonable structure of teachers has begun to take shape. In recent years, Suzhou University adhere to the teaching and scientific research centers, in strengthening the foundation, expand the size and enhance the application of the idea of great importance under the guidance of practice, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training, schools have an average of about 40 state-level and above students Awards in the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, I won the school's "two gold and one bronze," the results. Schools focus on basic theory research, for the construction of the main battlefield of the local economy, strengthen the application, the development of research, scientific research has been fruitful and has access to, including the National Natural Science Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Invention Award in the provincial and ministerial level a number of more than 430 research awards. 2007 up to 75 national research projects, research funding more than 205 million yuan, Science Citation Index (SCI) national research institutions ranked No. 23. Combination schools have been speeding up the pace, a lot of scientific research has been widely used in various fields of social life, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Suzhou University, the existing five campuses, covering more than 3118 mu, building area of 1,467,000 square meters; informative school books, library collections nearly four million books, more than 2,800 Chinese and foreign journals; Analysis Test Center, clothing centers, computer networks advanced equipment such as; have teaching and research services for the Suzhou University Press. The school also editing and publishing the humanities, science, engineering, medical journals and four kinds of versions of "foreign silk" and other domestic and foreign academic journals and universities, exchange of scientific research institutions. China's reform and opening-up policy development for schools to open up international exchanges and cooperation in a broad way. Suzhou University, actively expand opening-up, with Japan, France, Korea, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions of the nearly 100 colleges and universities to establish the relationship between the inter-school exchanges, reception of foreign students every year, advanced students nearly 2,000 people to school to learn Chinese Language and Literature and other related professionals. In recent years, Suzhou University, focus on relying on the province, particularly in South Jiangsu strong economic strength and superior culture, geographical conditions, and actively explore for the economic construction and social development of an effective way, and as a distinct school characteristics and power . At present, institutions paradise - Suzhou University is an unprecedented boldness and courage, closely surrounding the creation of "domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-level universities" to forge ahead of the target.
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University Profile

Soochow University is located in the ancient town of Suzhou, also called "Paradise on Earth". The university is part of the national "211 Project" and is a "2011 Plan" university. It is also one of the Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive universities. It has grown from the former Soochow University founded in 1900. It now has three major campuses: main campus, Dushu Lake Campus, and the Yangcheng Lake Campus, covering an area of 2,705,000 square meters with a total building area more than 182 million square meters. The university facilitates strong research with materials in almost every area including nearly 4 million books, over 30 million Chinese and foreign periodicals, and more than 1.1 million Chinese and foreign e-books, and 82 Chinese and foreign language databases. Soochow University currently has 26 post-doctoral programs, 24 main discipline doctoral programs, including 167 doctoral programs with different areas of emphasis, one professional doctoral program, 47 main discipline master’s programs, including 244 master’s degrees with different areas of emphasis, 21 professional master’s programs, and 124 undergraduate programs. Today, Soochow University has developed into a comprehensive university with 12 major disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management science, and art. It has a variety of programs and a strong foundation for students to get the education they need in almost any area. Soochow University has achieved clear results and has received a very positive reputation both at home and abroad.