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Guizhou Minzu University
Zone:South West
Address:Guizhou University for Nationalities , GUIYANG 550025
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1951
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Guizhou University for Nationalities (GZUN) was set up in 1951 and merged into Guizhou University in 1959. In 1974, GZUN gained the approval of the State Council for re-establishment and then began to recruit students in 1977. GZUN is located in the beautiful Huaxi District of Guiyang city, a scenic spot in Guizhou Province known as a Pearl of Southwest China. The campus covers a total area of 883,103 m2 , including teaching buildings , students’ dormitories and a large library which holds 1,564,000 volumes . GZUN has Computer and Network Center and Modern Education Center which are equipped with 2359 computers for teaching. It also has one lecture hall, 43 multi-media classrooms, 22 language labs, one TV station for teaching purposes and one English radio station. GZUN keeps paying great attention to international academic exchange and has established academic cooperation relationships with California State University at Fresno, the U.S.A., Northwestern Polytechnic University, the U.S.A., Sangmyung University, Handong Global University, Sunlin College and Jeonju University, Korea. Based on that, the universities exchange scholars and students. GZUN has engaged teachers and scholars for teaching and lecture tours from America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Holland and Singapore. GZUN also sends its scholars to foreign countries such as America , Britain , Japan , Holland , Singapore , Australia , New Zealand , Norway , Finland , Korea for further studies and academic exchanges . It has also enrolled a number of foreign students studying the Chinese language and minority cultures.
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University Profile

Guizhou Minzu University was founded on May 17, 1951 under the jurisdiction of the People’s Government of Guizhou Province. As one of the first minorities-oriented universities in China, it is a key provincial higher education institute sponsored jointly by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and the State Commission for Nationalities, awarded the rank of A in the 2007 National Evaluation of Undergraduate Education.

The university is located in Huaxi District of Guiyang City, a scenic spot with green mountains and bright waters renowned as “Pearl of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau”. The campus covers an area of 883,100 m2 with a construction space of 395,400 m2. There is a collection of 1.259 million printed publications and 2,100 GB e-books in the University Library.

Guizhou Minzu University has a well-structured and well-developed staff. There are 1,152 teachers and workers on the payroll, of whom 694 people are professional teachers. Of the faculty 365 teachers are awarded with the professional rank above associate professor, taking up 52.6%; of the faculty 402 teachers have received the degree above master, accounting for 57.9%.

The university enrolls students from 31 provinces (cities, autonomous regions and municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Central Government). At present the student population reaches over 18,000, of whom more than 70% come from minority areas and West China. Since the founding of the university 60,000 plus talents of various disciplines have been cultivated.