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Nanchang Hangkong University
Zone:East China
Address:No.696 Fenghe South Ave, NANCHANG 330063
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1952
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
?The University, established in 1952, is currently ranked among the top aeronautical universities according to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. ?The University is considered as a pioneer frontline university in the field of aeronautical and other engineering disciplines, with the School of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering and the School of Aircraft Engineering, backed by well equipped and established laboratories. ?Students are guaranteed to get access to those labs for further learning and research-conducting purposes, with many national-level, ministrial-level and provincial-level Key Laboratories. ?Career opportunities exist in the design, manufacture and operation of aerospace vehicles. Openings may also be found in the many companies involved in designing and manufacturing major sub-units of aeroplanes and aerospace- related devices such as engines, structural parts, avionics or environmental control systems. ?Being open to the outside world, the University has developed and extended its cooperation and exchange programs with uinversities and colleges in USA, UK, France, Japan, Ukraine, Finland, Canada, Belgium, South Korea, Russia, Australia,Holland, Sweden and Slovakia. ?Tuition, accommodation and other fees are much lower compared with other big cities in China,such as Beijing and Shanghai. Also, the University promises that the Bachelor Degree Program for other engineering specialty will start if the number of international students is more than 20. ?The campus buildings are set in landscaped grounds, alongside a wide range of convenient on-site facilities. Library of university are located in the university with tens of thousands of books including English books, and generous opening times, seven days a week. The Information Technology Service offers network services in every dormitory. One of the many attractions of coming to Nanchang Hangkong University is the convenience of a campus with all the amenities within easy reach. This is particularly true for sports when you consider that practically every activity is accommodated within a gentle jog from the centre of campus. ?The University is located in the city of Nanchang, the capital of East China's Jiangxi Province, one of China’s new areonautical industrial bases. ?Nanchang is a beautiful city with a unique mixture of 2000 years of history and strong characteristic feature of the modern city. It was singled out as one of the top ten most dynamic cities in the world in 2009. ?The city is a transportation hub and has a convenient and easy way to reach from other parts of China by bus, by trian and by plane, and it is around 12 hours by train from Beijing, 6 hours from Shanghai, and 11 hours from Guangzhou.
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University Profile

Nanchang Hangkong University , also known as Nanchang University of Aeronautics, established in October of 1952, enrolling students mainly from China but also from abroad, specializes in engineering, science, arts, and management courses plus courses in economics, law and education.With a building area of 750,000 square meters, it occupies 200 hectares with two campuses, of which the new campus of Lake Qian occupies 150 hectares. The university has a total of 1,175 professional teachers, including 186 professors, 215 associate professors and 4 academicians. The total number of registered students is 18,675, including 16,565 undergraduates.It has a lot of international students including bachelor’s and non-bachelor’s degree program students.

Altogether there are 42 specialties for bachelor's degree, i.e., 17 specialties of engineering , 6 specialties of management, 7 specialties of arts, 7 specialties of science, 1 specialty of law and 2 specialties of education,etc. The university consists of 20 departments (schools). These include the following: School of Material Science and Engineering,School of Environment and Chemical Engineering,School of Aeronautic and Mechanical Engineering,School of Electronic and Information Engineering,School of Foreign Language,School of Computer Science,College of Mathematics and Information Science, School of Automation,School of Economics and Management,School of Civil engineering, School of Physical Education,School of Humanities and Law, School of Arts and Art Design, School of Software Engineering, School of International Education, School of Navy, School of Vocational and Technical Education, School of Scientific Technology and School of FurtherEducation.

The university has established and been conducting communication and cooperation with many universities of America, Japan, Canada, Ukraine, Britain, Australia, France, Korea, the netherlands, etc. It also invites many foreign teachers and experts to teach,lecture and conduct research in the university throughout the year.