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Qinghai University for Nationalities
Zone:North West
Address:No.3 Bayi ZhongluXI NING 810007
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1949
Started Semester: January
School Advantages
Qingha iNationalities University was established in December, 1949. It was Qinghai’s earliest university of higher education and one of the earliest minorities’ universities in China. Also, it is one of the first universities to offer a Master's degree. Subjects offered by the university include art, science, law, economics, management, history, medicine, and engineering, as well as others. The university is well-established, with multiple subjects and degrees offered in both the sciences and the humanities. The Chinese language and literature department at the university has a long history with a richly experienced faculty. The Tibetan department is nationally recognized. The law, economics, management, mathematics and chemistry departments are among the most advanced in Qinghai. The social sciences are also strong and have been lauded for many achievements, especially for the historical, cultural, and linguistic research among Qinghai’s minority nationalities (Tibetans, Hui, Tu, Salar, and Mongolians).Currently, there are 10,000 students studying at the university from over 31 minority groups and 27 different provinces.Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Salar, and Mongolian students are especially numerous. The university also emphasizes training international students, as is reflected in its emphasis in accommodating the individualized needs of its students. Foreign students can pursue many courses of study, including Chinese postgraduate training, nonmatriculating postgraduate work, as well as Chinese language and culture, Tibetan language and culture, as well as other undergraduate subjects. The university also organizes short-term study programs, as well as one-to-one summer camps. The Chinese program for foreign students started quite early (1983), and so both the full-time and part-time teachers have much experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
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University Profile
Qinghai University for Nationalities, founded in 1949, there is a good comprehensive liberal arts University for Nationalities. It is located in the roof of the world - the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau. Here a strong national characteristics and culture scene, the prosperity of the developed. 10,000 school students, of which more than 30 countries from around the world or a region nearly 200 students. Schools under the 15 colleges, 4 directly under the Department of the Ministry of Education, professional disciplines, including literature, law, economics, management, history, medicine, engineering disciplines, such as categories. Qinghai University for Nationalities conducted since 1983 to start teaching Chinese as a foreign language, always adhere to in order to maximize the level of Chinese students for the purpose of the practice of foreign students continued to explore the rules and characteristics of education, to improve the teaching content, teaching methods and teaching methods, with the excellent teaching staff, drawn up from different countries in line with the foreign students of the undergraduate education program, the accumulation of a large number of undergraduate training experience. Qinghai University for Nationalities of the growing maturity of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, the ability of undergraduate education to achieve the same level of domestic universities. Choice of time Chinese Qinghai University for Nationalities undergraduate reasons:
1. School is a comprehensive public national universities, in order to undergraduate education and postgraduate education, specialist education.
2. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language a long time, teaching experience, Mandarin language environment, and is approved by the Ministry of Education designated educational institutions of foreign students.
3. Strong national characteristics of schools, there are the Han, Tibetan, Hui, territories, Salar, Mongolia, mainly students of 36 nationalities.
4. National subjects: Tibetan Language and Literature Mongolian Language and Literature, Art and Design (Thangka painting), also has a national research institute, the ecological environment in Qinghai Province Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Research Institute, Institute of Tibetan Medicine, Qinghai Institute of Language and Folklore 15 research institutions. Has a good culture of learning and research environment.
5. Qinghai unique scenery, rich in tourism resources