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Hainan Medical College
Zone:South China
Address:chengxi,haikou,hainna,china 571101
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1947
Started Semester: January
School Advantages
Hainan Medical College (HMC), located in the beautiful costal city Haikou of Hainan island was founded in 1948 and is the only higher medical institutions in Hainan province. HMC is spread in area of 557060.99M 2 with two campuses of the representation by Hua Cheng Xi'an and Long. Department and Faculty There are more than 1300 faculty and staffs with 320 full-time teachers, which accounted for 46.3% postgraduate degree. Respectively employed nearly 50 well-known experts and scholars at home and Honorary Professor in the Institute, Professor, Special Adviser. Under higher vocational education institutions, clinical institutions, preventive medicine department, guarding Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine tested, traditional Chinese medicine is, oral medicine, basic medical department, the Department of humanities and social science, foreign language department, it department, the Department of Sports and other faculties; There are six basic laboratories, five professional laboratories. Establishment of a subsidiary three hospitals (Immediate one home, two non-immediate family), the total number of 2320 beds Zhang; Clinical teaching (internship) Hospital 20, 6433 Zhang open wards. Another nine teaching base.
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University Profile
College adhere to the "based on our education, actively develop post-graduate students and education, general education and continuing education equal" school systems to develop a model school size. Currently a clinical, medical testing, preventive medicine, pharmacy, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, oral medicine, medical imaging science, Chinese and Western medicine clinical medicine, rehabilitation etc. 10 undergraduate professional courses amounted to 207 the total number of doors doors. Basically, the National Institute for enrolment. I enrollment 7200, "Shiyiwu" end to 12,000 people. School, and social development for the country nearly 20000 qualified medical personnel. Hainan primary health cadre in training, the use of modern technology for the medical aspects of educational reform characteristics.
In the recent years, our colleges has made in scientific research progresses 110-124, declaring two research projects of national high-tech project 863, cloning two new human genes which has become members of international gene-base (numbered GenbankAF157027 and GenbankAF160979) bearing off 14 province-leveled awards, going along with 20 ministry-leveled research projects and 14 projects of National Natural Science Fund. Now we are also going ahead with? 2 IPF (gynecology and obstetrics) of provincial level. We have set up two key laboratories (the Tropical Medicinal Safety Research and Exploit ation Laboratory of Hainan Province, and the Research Laboratory of Pathogenic Hainan Province). We also have four key characteristic courses and three courses. all of which are provincial level. And some characteristic courses like molecular biology, procreant medicine, tropical medicine are under cultivation.