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Chifeng University
Zone:North China
Address:Hongshan district,yinbing road,No.1
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1985
Started Semester: January
School Advantages
Chifeng University is authorized under the China Ministry of Education. As a multiversity, Chifeng University is combined by the following some technological academies: Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities, Chifeng Educational Institute and Chifeng TV University, while incorporating Chifeng Medical School and the Inner Mongolia Infantile Teachers’ Training School.
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University Profile

Chifeng University is located in Chifeng City, which is the birthplace of the world-famous Hong Shan Cultures. Chifeng City was the center of politics, economy and military affairs in Liao Dynasty with a long history of many centuries, the profound cultures and the abundant travel resources, and is provided with the unique regional predominance and the profound literal human resources. Chifeng City is well-known in the world as an excellent country for traveling and the world geological park.

The area of the University is 912.63 mu and the tectonic area is 229 thousands square meters. The total value of the capital asserts is 4.7809 hundred million Yuan. In the University, many modern teaching and research facilities have been set up, such as the experiment center, the computer center, the multimedia classrooms, the aural-oral labs and the computer network. The library of the Chifeng University is the largest library in Chifeng region. In the library, there are 847 thousands books, 150 thousands e-books and many valuable literature works, such as the Imperial Collection of Four, the Essentials of the Four Sections, the Ten Tong and so on.

Now the number of the university is of 829 full-time teachers, including 464 professors and associate professors, all of them have built the backbone in education. There are 13,229 students in the university now, including 5,778 undergraduate students and 2,229 academic students, 221 secondary technical students and 5,001 correspondence students in adult education.

The university sets up many schools, such as humanity, historiography, law, education, science and technology, engineering, medicine and management. In addition, the detailed majors set by the university for undergraduates and more than 60 academy students comprise: Mongolia Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Language Studies of English and Japanese, History, Math and Application Math, Physics and Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Biology, Natural Resource and Environment Management, Education and Educational Technology, Physical Education, Music and Art, Community Medicine, Oral Cavity Medicine, Clinic Medicine, Pharmacy and so on. Furthermore, the university has under its control a subordinate high school and two experimental hospitals. A Vocational College for Textile Skills and another Vocational College for Agriculture and Husbandry Skills are all attached to Chifeng University.

Chifeng University, with the abundant education experience accumulated during the past years and also with the advanced geography from Hong Shan Cultures and the Cultures of Northern Nationalities and excellent education facilities, has set up its own typical brand in higher education and improved greatly its teaching standard. And a Mongolian Cultural Research Center, and Hong Shan Culture International Research Center, a International Graduate School of North Minority Cultures have been established. In recent years, the International Conference on North Minority Cultures, the International Conference on Hong Shan Cultures and the National Conference on Chinese Language Research have won the praise from national and international experts and scholars and brought some effects throughout the world. The research atmosphere of the university is very dense, since the years of the “Ninth-Five-Plan”, the university has assumed and accomplished 56 state philosophy and social science projects, state natural science fund projects and municipality natural science fund projects, and have published 6,180 thesis and 778 monographs, teaching materials and translation materials in publications of various state level. Only in 2004, the teachers of the university published 525 thesis on the national and international research publications, including 30 thesis on authoritative publications, 7 thesis incorporated into SCI, EI and published 20 monographs, teaching materials and translation materials.

The university insists in running the school in an open manner, enhancing the communication and the cooperation with outside, setting up the favorable cooperating relationship with the related schools in Mongolia and Korea, and actively advancing the education for the students abroad and the high-level persons. Every year, the university always selects some excellent teachers to take part in various training and communicating activities held in Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and other countries. Further, the university has appointed many foreign teachers to participate in the teaching, thereby enhancing and improving the foreign language teaching level of the university.

The teaching principle of the university is to base itself upon the local area, face the whole region, cover the vicinity, to train the application-type and skill-type high-level special persons for the local economy construction and the social development. The object is to build the university into an all-around university incorporating the common higher education, the adult education and the higher vocational education.