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Shenyang Aerospace University
Zone:North East
Address:No.37 Daoyi South Avenue,Daoyi Development District, Shenyang
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1952
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (SYIAE), as the only university of aeronautics and astronautics in Northeast China, concerns itself with educating personnel of senior engineering and administration for national defense and local economic development. It is one of the eighteen non-military universities cultivating officials for the air force. Founded in 1952, the university is, at present, being administrated by Liaoning provincial government and developed with the joint efforts of the Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense.
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University Profile

Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) is located in the university city in Shenbei New District, a major development district of China. Since its founding in 1952, it has been one of the major aeronautical universities in China. As early as 1958, the students and teachers manufactured their own plane.

The university has developed into an academic centrer, housing teaching buildings, research laboratories, a library which is both an architectural and cultural icon, a theatre building, sports arena, swimming centre and student’s activity centers having 600,000 square meters of floor space on 1 and pver 200, 000 square meters of landscaped gardens. Other services such as the school hospital, comfortable accommodations and a number of dining halls are also provided.

The university has 1,600 staff, 900 of which are academic, and boasts an attendance of more than 20,000 students. While focusing on engineering disciplines, SAU’s scope has been enhanced with curricula covering such areas as science, management and liberal arts. The university has 44 disciplines for undergraduate study, 50 disciplines for master degrees, and joint programs for PhDs. SAU degrees are recognized around the world.

SAU prides itself on its practical teaching system which includes basic, professional and general practice. There are numerous first-rate labs for the students, some at national level.

SAU is also proud of its Aircraft Maintenance Center, which is the only one in China approved by the China Civil Aviation Authority to issue licenses to maintain helicopters. Authorization of fixed-wing aircraft maintenance licenses is anticipated soon. There are 20 aircrafts provided for the students to practice with on the campus.

SAU has established cooperation with many companies and institutes including the Shenyang Liming Aero-engine Group Corporation, the Avic Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, and has developed a network of 50 partnerships to provide practical training opportunities both inside and outside the campus.

During its 60 years, about 50,000 students have graduated from the university, with numerous students achieving high honors. SAU graduates historically have had a very high employment rate with around 90% being employed soon after graduation.

Internationalization is one of the characteristics of SAU. The university has established cooperative agreements with more than 80 universities and companies from around the world. It has an active exchange program for both teachers and students.

The university employs a number of foreign teachers who contribute to both the academic and cultural life of the school community. At present, there are over 380 international students studying Aircraft Manufacture, Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering, International Business and Chinese Culture. These students, with their diverse cultural backgrounds, contribute to the broad international focus of the university.