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Beijing Jiaotong University
Zone:North China
Address:No.3 Shangyuancun Xizhimenwai, Beijing
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1896
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Beijing Jiaotong University (a.k.a. Northern Jiaotong University) is a multidisciplinary national key university.

Leading in communication and information engineering, economics and management, and traffic and transportation, with Signal and Information Processing and Traffic Information Engineering and Control ranked No. 1 in China.

BJTU has about 14,000 full-time undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students.

BJTU started to recruit international students in 1954.

Now there are nearly 200 international students studying Chinese language and degree programs at BJTU.

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University Profile

BJTU is one of the five Jiaotong (or Chiao-Tung) universities in China. The word "Jiaotong", which once simply meant "communications" in Chinese, has now already matured into the quintet's trademark of origin, history, quality and value.

Our international office has benefited enormously from this trademark effect and been enjoying active international involvement. Located in Beijing, China's cultural, political and entrepreneurial center, BJTU offers her international partners and students the most desirable combination of the distinct culture and the metropolitan dynamism of the fastest developing country in the world.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Beijing.