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Taizhou——Hometown to Greats

There are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty in Taizhou, including hundreds of historical remains, buildings and stone carvings. 134 of these places have been listed as provincial and municipal historical preservation sites. Taizhou has 5 museums with more than ten-thousand artifacts, some of which are rare and precious ones. With 1,000 years of history the Guangxiao Temple enjoys a renowned reputation for Buddhism at home and abroad.


There have been many famous people and talents in Taizhou, such as the calligraphy critic Zhang Huaiguan, the educator Hu Yuan, the author of "Water Margins" (one of the four famous Chinese classical works) Shi Nan'an, the founder of the Taizhou School and philosopher Wang Gen, the storytelling master Liu Jingting, the "chess sage" Huang Longshi, a representative of the "Eight Innovative Painters of Yangzhou" Zheng Banqiao, the master of Peking Opera Mei Lanfang and the geologist Ding Wenjiang. In addition, many famous leaders gained power or promoted their businesses in Taizhou such as the Prime Ministers of the Song dynasty Lv Yijian, Yan Shu, Fan Zhongyan, the famous general of the Song dynasty Yue Fei (he fought against the forces of the Jin dynasty), the author of "Peach Blooms Painted with Blood" Kong Shangren, the author of "Marriage in the Mirror" Li Ruzhen, the national hero Lin Zexu and the painter and calligraphy master Qi Baishi. As time went by, Taizhou experienced 2,100 years of changes and development; and is now a city with magnanimous temperament and distinct features.


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