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by Stella on 2016-07-01 10:33:48


Do you still remember the China Jiliang University? Now it opens two English majors for bachelor degree. They are international trade and business and computer science and technology. 

But more to be excited that these two majors give you the freshman scholarship. And listen, the rule is that you need to pay the fees first, so where is the scholarship? Wait, at the end of the first semaster, the university will give you if you are very excellent. So boys and girls, if you are good enough, you can have a try. 


The other scholarship is for the excellent students. When you study in the university, you will have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It has three levels. The first one is free for one year tuition. The second one is free for half year tuition. The third one is free for 1/4 tuition. 

Are you ready for it ? Plz do not hesitate to contact us. 



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