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When we chat with our chinese new friends, due to culture differences we may not able to understand each other well. Today, let’s talk about some of the buzzwords in China.


1.「北京瘫——葛优躺」  Beijing Tan---Geyou Tang


The two words both describe the situation of people lying at their most relaxed manner. 北京瘫 Beijing Tan originates from a chinese singer Da Zhangwei, usually called Teacher Da. His posture on a TV show attracted people’s eye and later it prevailed across the country. And it is because he is a Beijinger, other three celebrities who are also Beijinger are found used to lying in the same gesture.



葛优躺Geyou Tang

Ge You is a chinese famous actor whose previous drama is found to have the similar gesture and prevailed on the internet with the suddenness of thunder bolt.




Literally,it means a group of people who are eating watermelon. But now, people use it when they comment some news but show that it does not matter them and they are just watching. 


3.约吗  wanna dating?


When it refers to dating, it does not mean the man and woman’s dating . If you want to have dinner with someone,you can ask him: 约吗? It is like the crack jokes of asking someone to do something together. 


Also, if you wanna refuse you can just say: 叔叔不约.


4.表情包 learn to use Emoticon


Personally,Emoticon is one of the best inventions in people’s communication history. It is usually funny and interesting which plays a role of enhancing the two people’s relationship. When we are chatting with new friends, sometimes it is a bit embarrassing if there’s no words to say.then we can just use emoticon to lead the topic.


Sometimes the face in the emoticon, and sometimes the words can express the talker’s emotion.


TR: why theres no one confessed her love to me!


TR: I have no inclination to laugh((*  ̄︿ ̄)


Sometimes you will see some emoticons are made from the screen shot of some celebrities ‘show. But it does not mean defense or dislike. On the contrary, it is the symbol of their fame among ordinary people. But remember not to go too extreme. It’s just a funny thing.


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