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China is working hard to facilitate foreign students to study in China

by Shirly on 2016-03-21 14:12:31

In China, more and more foreign students come here to study. In 2014, there are more than 377000 ( from China Daily) students from 203 countries studying in China. The data was released by the Ministry of Education. According to it, China has ranked the third -largest host of international students after US and UK.

However, it is not a satisfying achievement to the eye of the Ministry of Education's department of International Cooperation and Exchange. From the datas, it can be concluded that something of China's education should be improved.

Nevertheless, over last 4 decades, China has made great progress in the provision of education for international students. During this period, ,more and more students have come to China for study.

With the situation that the education offered by Chinese univesity to international students is low- degreed and art-subject-based, China's universitiea are now making efforts to diversify the sources and types of international students who come to study in China.

At present, it is cultural, cost-performance and geographic advantages that China depends on to attract forgeign students, but in the future, China will shift the focs onto good quality of education.

Besides, the language is also a barrier standing in the way for China to attract foregin students to study here. As English has become the lingua franca, the English-based university has won more attraction than that is not English-based universities. Therefore, Chinese univerisity also face a challenge ---that is to develop English-based courses. It is now an irresistible trend for China's university to develop course taught in English.

In addition, the credit transfer is also a hard point which China is working hard to cope with. China now is communicating and cooperating more frequently with educational institutes in other countries, and with the platform of the conculting centers which emerge as a new trade, the bridges between Chinese univerisity and foreign univerisities are erected. 

In a word, in spite of all these obstacles in the way, China now is working really hard to create a more convenient environment and more diverse courses for international students to study in China. The road has been paved and all the challege will the erased.


Students from Malaysia and China watch a performance during a Malaysian cultural festival organized by the Beijing Foreign Studies University in November. WANG ZHUANGFEI / CHINA DAILY

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