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Freshness and tenderness----the essence of Cantonese Cuisine

by Shirly on 2016-03-30 13:44:43

Last time, we introduced Sichuan Cuisine, which may not be to your appetite for its chili taste. Don't worry, this time, we will help you to taste the Cantonese Cuisine, composed of various delicious food so it may meet people's different tastes.


Cantonese Cuisine, also as one of the four major cuisines in China, originates in Guangzhou, a Food Paradise that gives people great enjoyment of all kinds of delicacies. The feature of the Cantonese Cuisine lies in that it emphasizes the use of a wide variety of ingredients, offering food of all tastes, shapes and colors. Cantonese cook are good at changing. The beginning of the Cantonese Cuisine can be traced back to Han Dynasty and its cooking skill matured in Song and Tang Dynasty when Canton gradually developed  into a trading prot. Then the thriving economies in Ming and Qing Dynasty made great contribution to the wide promotion of Cantonese Cuisine.


As a city with subtropical climate and long coast line which provides abundant ingredients, Canton boasts the advantage in diet and never has the dilemma of lacking food materials. And also Cantonese are famous for their boldness on eating. It is said that they will eat anything that swims except the submarin, everything that flies, except the plane, and everything that has legs, except the table.

Cantonese cook has extensively absorbed cooking skills essence from different places with their good ability to imitate and innovate. With long time development, a complete system of cooking skills and unique cooking characteristics are formed.

Cantonese Cuisine has more than 20 cooking metods, with sitr-frying, frying, baking, braising and stewing being the best. The accurate dosage of ingredients is underlined and the decoration and color are emphasized. Cantonese Cuisine features light taste and fresh material with a clear and fragrant smell. 


Boiled White Chicken, as one of the typical Cantonese Cuisine, carries unfaded reputation all over China. The chicken is salt marinated and boiled in entirety. When the water starts to boil, the heat is turned off, allowing the chicken to cook in the residual heat. The chicken's skin will remain light colour, if cooked correctly, an the meat will be quite tender, moist and flavourful. Simple as the skill is, the dish is famous for its freshness and tenderness. 

Many dishes of Cantonese Cuisines are cooked with simple skills and procedures, to preserve food's original taste.

Are you beckened by my introduction? Are you ready to taste the delicious traditional Chinese Cuisines? Cantonese Cuisine is waving its hands towards you!

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